My third takeout was stolen again.

My third takeout was stolen again.
Even milk tea.

Zhang Jingshi : what are you doing?

Zhang thorns : impressive.

Zhang Jingshi : actually, I'd like to try the feeling of stolen takeout if I can. I always thought it would be wonderful.

Wang Zepeng : I can't. My blood sugar is low and my hands are cold and soft when I am hungry. Didn't you steal takeout in your school?

Wang Zepeng : it's hard for me to understand why someone steals takeout. It was incredible when I lost takeout for the first time. Thinking that I had not found the right place, I made several phone calls to ask the delivery boy. Finally, I went to the takeout place with the little brother, and when I looked at each other, I realized that the takeout had really been stolen.

Zhang Jingshi : it's strange that people who steal takeout dare not go to see what kind of takeout it is. If a person who doesn't eat scallions gets a beef rice with "Boss, please add some more scallions", he should be too angry to take care of himself. After all, it was takeout at the risk of losing dignity.

then a girl really came and took the takeout, and the shopkeeper caught up and asked several questions.

"could you give me your cell phone number?"

Zhang Jingshi : the shopkeeper is really patient. I wonder, has the takeout theft rate in the university town come down since then?

it's scary to think about it. I mean, it's hard for me to associate takeout with college students.

Wang Zepeng :

and no one wants to believe that college students will do such a dirty thing as stealing takeout, so when we meet someone who steals takeout, we subconsciously think that takeout belongs to that person.

Wang Zepeng : it suddenly occurred to me that maybe people who steal takeout will pick a taste when they steal it.

Wang Zepeng : I still think people who lose takeout will feel a little pitiful. They chose in front of their mobile phones for so long before deciding what to eat, but it was gone. It felt as if I had been planning a wedding for a long time, and then when I arrived at the scene, the bride was robbed.

so didn't some people say that it doesn't matter if the takeout store will make up for it and return it? But I don't think so. Stealing takeout is like robbing a wife.

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but I can understand you. After all, every time you place an order, it is the beginning of expectation, and every time you receive it, it is also a response of life to our incompetence. The process was supposed to be beautiful, but now it is inexplicably interspersed with other people's tragedies (choosing which takeout to steal), which is really helpless.

Zhang Jingshi : is there anything else you want to say to people who steal takeout?

Wang Zepeng : what about you?

We may discuss "rainy days without umbrellas" in the next issue.

Wang Zepeng and Zhang Jingbao

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