My romantic rival took my first time.

My romantic rival took my first time.
I made up with her recently.

because there is a person, in a long time, I did not change the story with her.

later I wondered if it was because there were more than two people in this memory that they were so important that they could not be turned over.


he was the one I liked when I was 14 or 15.

I don't like reading. I have a lot of scars and look like riffraff.

I am a student in a key class. I can't change my trouser leg. I have black hair.

he didn't tell anyone when we were together.

so I don't have a grudge against "secrecy".

one morning, I didn't wait for him to pick me up.

based on the girl's intuition, I opened his Weibo.

Bad boys have the trait of "scum", and I am prepared for it.

but every time I made eye contact with her and couldn't say hello, it eroded my mental preparation.

for the first time in my life, I really know the concept of "romantic rival". When I see her, my brain will automatically show the wonderful past with my ex.

the existence of romantic rivals, let me often review my love for my ex.

just like a child has a lollipop in his hand, maybe QQ candy and jumping candy are also delicious, but if someone says, the lollipop in your hand looks delicious.

then I don't want to eat other sweets.

I am easygoing, weak, even a little cold.

during that time, we were often compared together.

I said I didn't care, until now I have said so.

except that the personality cannot be changed, our types are gradually becoming a little alike.


but now, whether it is me or that girl, I have a clean share with him, and there is no possibility of getting back together.

he touched the watch I gave him at that time and said, "maybe it's a debt. I always want to try to make up for it with a second start, but every new start is speeding up the real end."

"so if I've never been with you, can you keep walking with her?"


but in fact, whether we have a rival or not, we can always find a reference for our relationship.

can be his ex, his best friend, his suitor.

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and the problem of two people, at any time, should not be attributed to the third person.

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