My girlfriend never knows. I turn up the water temperature for her every time before taking a bath.

My girlfriend never knows. I turn up the water temperature for her every time before taking a bath.
Whatever I do, I do it for you.

"it's beautiful. Did he give it to you?" She asked, pretending to be careless.

at that time, I was eating grapes and my teeth squeezed out juice, a little sour and a little nervous.

I waved my hand again and again, saying that I was just buying it for fun. My mother ignored my nervousness, but gathered up to take a closer look at it.

"good-looking is good-looking, but there are some diamonds missing." She said.

my mother is a ruthless person. She took me to the gold shop the next day and bought me the first diamond ring in my life.

the shopping guide, who was a little thin, stood on tiptoe and looked behind me to make sure there was really no man, but she still put the ring in my ring finger.

"not for marriage." I withdrew my hand, and she was stunned for a moment, and took two seconds to take out another one for me to try on.

when I got back, my mother didn't discuss the meaning of the diamond ring with me. It's just that we were sucking field snails that night. I put on my gloves, and she laughed at me and said, "it's different with a diamond ring. Eating field snails becomes elegant."

I laughed, and she continued to shoot rainbow farts at the diamond, boasting how shiny it was, and girls should wear something beautiful.

my mother handed me the biggest one she found in the whole field snail.

it turns out that in her heart, diamonds do not need to be so cautious, do not need to "tinkle to listen to the auditorium bells, we witness in front of God and relatives and friends."

as long as its meaning is to protect love, it is enough.

when I went back to school, a good friend often pulled out my ring and put it on her ring finger to show off to her partner.

I asked her if she really wanted a diamond ring. She said no, "I just want to prove that he loves me. "

when I said this, my friend was watching a variety show. While Zou Shiming was eating breakfast, he looked at ran Yingying playing with snow outside the window with a look of peace of mind.

stars are always easier than us to find evidence of "like". But we have to drill into every gap in life in order to dig out a little bit.

will he remember to tell the waiter that he doesn't want spring onions, ginger and garlic in casserole porridge; he will deliberately walk on the outside of the road and see if he will pull me back to the inside when the car comes; he will not be sleepy until I fall asleep recently.

if not, try it in another way. If he can, he will have a long-term confidence.

I don't know if this approach really works, but I know that if it goes on like this, it will make me sensitive and passive.

what's more, a lot of concern leaves no trace.

Last week, we had dinner with a group of friends from big stalls, and A Bin talked about his girlfriend.

this is rare, because usually he is very bored, and I remember that the most he said was, "how much does that meal cost A?", so we were very interested in teaching him lessons.

"she said she was moving out for a while because she felt that I didn't like her so much, but how could I not like her. "

" how do you prove it? " I asked.

Abin said that the girl liked the hot bath water, so every time he finished washing, he would silently turn up the water temperature.

"does she know you've done this?

Abin shook his head.

"Why didn't you tell her?"

Abin said with a wry smile that he didn't think there was anything to say, he just used to do it.

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent 1950s cocktail dress. Find that perfect dress, it will stay timeless and trendy season after season.

I was a little stunned, because I suddenly realized that some people's way of protecting treasure is quiet, and it is difficult to find proof of their love.

everything they do that seems to move you is not to prove anything, but simply to do so.

maybe this kind of ambiguous concern is closer to liking than conclusive concern.


but the truth is, the truth never needs to be proved.

I think that on the previous National Day, my boyfriend and I planned to travel, but I accidentally got a job offer at a drama festival that I had been looking forward to.

so I apologized to my boyfriend shyly and guiltily, but he kept praising me for being great and happy for me.

I asked him if it was not sad, and he said it was a little bit, but it was nothing.

this sentence is nothing, but I admit that at that moment, I really felt comfortable with him.

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that is to say, falling in love is not a proving question, but an open-ended question that everyone can get the answer in their own way.

just like giving a diamond ring to a person, it is not just to prove, but to witness.

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that is to say, falling in love is not a proving question, but an open-ended question that everyone can get the answer in their own way.

it's not what I will do for you, but no matter what I do, it's for you.

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