My dad said he wouldn't pay for living expenses if he couldn't find a girlfriend.

My dad said he wouldn't pay for living expenses if he couldn't find a girlfriend.
College students and college living expenses.

what impressed me most was what my father said to me after he went out for a stroll.

he picked up a cigarette and said, "I just asked one of your brothers about part-time work in college." Your brother said it would be easy to live a part-time job outside on Saturdays and Sundays. "

as soon as I smelled something wrong, my father immediately said, "I'll give you a thousand yuan in the first month, and strong> you can figure it out on your own in the second month." "

the week at the end of the month is the hardest. The first thing to do when you get up at noon is to check the balance of Alipay, Wechat, bank card and student card.

the most ruthless one was to eat it with 100 yuan for 10 days. At that time, I was most afraid of parties, dates and midnight snacks at the end of the month. Sometimes I really can't make it. I can borrow 200 yuan from my roommate. Although I will transfer it back to him immediately after I get the living expenses, I am very embarrassed after a long time.

in fact, I don't like borrowing money very much, but maybe it's because I don't want to be a burden on my family, or maybe it's because my parents don't want to talk to my parents when I take the money, so I have to talk to my roommates first.

until the summer vacation of freshman year.

at that time my friends and I were having a party at KTV. In the middle of singing "sad people don't listen to slow songs", he ran out and answered the phone. When he came back, he sat beside him without saying a word, and never sang another song.

he drove me on his motorcycle when he came home, and I asked him if something had happened.

he said a noun that I don't quite understand, but to the effect that has been pursued by the bank and has to collect money .

without help from home, even if you work for two months, you will lose five thousand yuan.

after calculating this sum, I suddenly began to want to make money.

my friend still didn't tell us that he needed money, but when I was a sophomore, because I often said I didn't have enough living expenses, he asked me if I wanted to find a part-time job together.

one weekend morning we made an appointment to go to the merchant and asked if I could do a part-time job. I was sleepy and didn't want to get up. He sent me a Wechat and went to find it by himself.

Wechat said: " my family can't give me living expenses , so I'm in a hurry. I'll go there first. Just come and see me this afternoon."

at some point, I really want to ask him, how did the waiter in the milk tea shop last those two months? won't he be as miserable as I am?

but the next second I also realized that what about the pain? he desperately needed the money .

as a result, I still have a choice, and I can take my time.

because I was not as urgent as my friends, I slowly found some jobs that were not so painful for me.

I have done tutoring, game evaluation, scattered , but I did a part-time job at that time, not for "a better life", but to avoid asking my father and reaching out to my father .

my father often deliberately forgets the days when I gave me living expenses, and when I couldn't hold up to ask him, he said slowly, "Oh, I'm going to pay for your living expenses."

then say routinely that I only think of him when I take the money, and then ask me about my recent life.

on a phone call asking for living expenses, he mentioned that one of his friend's children took his girlfriend to meet his parents yesterday and asked me, "Why haven't you ever talked about any girl?" Does no one want it? "

I rolled my eyes on the other end of the phone: "how can I chase girls? a thousand yuan of living expenses can only buy people a cafeteria. It's not good."

that sentence did imply that my father really didn't have enough money to spend. My father seemed to understand me on the other end of the phone and said, "how about 1500?"

I was happy and a little embarrassed: "No, a thousand is enough."

it's my dad's turn to be tough this time. He said, "I'll call you later. If you don't have enough money, tell your father that if you have to spend money on chasing a girl, ask your father for it. The province should be saved, but it should also be spent."

in retrospect, I think that most students of are like this. Although they don't ask for more living expenses, you won't refuse when the family wants to give them a little more.

I no longer need to take money from my family, and I also took the money to treat the roommate who had been borrowed money by me for a meal.

something interesting is that when I no longer need to take money from my family, I feel a sense of loss in my father.

it's as if he thinks that in the past, children only looked for themselves when they asked for money, but now that they can make money, they may not find themselves any more.

the word economic independence is what college students want to pursue. But a child's financial independence seems to be another kind of loss to parents.

backstage a few days ago, I saw someone say whether it was possible to talk about the money between college students and their families, as well as the situation that parents talked about living expenses when they disagreed.

in the past, I would have said, "you are taking money from your parents, and you are not qualified to ask for more money." Of course, I don't like my father to add to my living expenses, so that I can find a girlfriend. But if you don't want to be talked about, find a part-time job to support yourself. "

if it were the previous me, I would say this. I would think that "lack of financial independence" results in college students not having much say in living expenses.

but some recent events at home have given me a different view on the "cost of living".

my mother called me at three o'clock in the afternoon a while ago.

I knew something was wrong before I picked up the phone, because we usually talked at night and even made an appointment in advance, so when I got through, I took a deep breath.

the content of the phone call is complicated, but the main idea is that there may be more than 10,000 extra repayments at home every month, so ask me what I think of it.

my mother said, "your father won't let me tell you, but I think you have a right to know these things. I just want to ask about you."

my mother was very careful in her words that day. She was worried that the extra ten thousand yuan a month from her family would put a psychological burden on me.

"in fact, you don't have to bear it all. Your sister also has an income now, that is, the family's business is not very good this year, and to be honest, your father is not young. He gets up at four o'clock every morning. Five thousand? Three thousand? What do you think? "

I quickly went through my savings, monthly salary, rent, water and electricity, and then said, "five thousand lines, no problem." Whenever you need to pay me, you can tell me that I can call, but at the worst, I can almost live first. I can save a lot even if I have nothing to cook for myself. I can eat more than a dozen yuan of pork for two or three days. "

in fact, I'm not that good at it. I'm also paying for my brother's living expenses for college, but at that moment I realized what exactly was meant by "living expenses."

for us during the period of reading, the money for meals and entertainment every month is called living expenses.

what about parents? Mortgage, car fare, fuel, food, children's separate living expenses, the elderly's separate living expenses.

the so-called economic independence is actually a hoax. The more you go behind, the more realistic it is that your economy is not independent, it is to support your family.

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the so-called economic independence is actually a hoax. The more you go behind, the more realistic it is that your economy is not independent, it is to support your family.

the whole family laughed at the other end of the video, and my father laughed, too. "I didn't ask you to pay," he said. It was your mother's and your sister's idea. I didn't even want to tell you. "

my dad said no. He said I have to concentrate on my own things now. He said, "it's not like I can't make money. Your dad bragged and got the money."

I laughed, then straightened my tone and said, "it's all right, I can do it. Let me know when you make a decision."

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