My boyfriend wants me to say it when I want it.

My boyfriend wants me to say it when I want it.
I've been weird from the beginning.

I looked at him sideways and conveyed with my eyes, "did you have a good time?" Aren't you going to give me a piece? "

I paused and turned my head to the other side.

although not very strong, the moment the chocolate hit the table, it seemed to convey to me the helplessness of my boyfriend.

is my strange habit, which once again betrays the kindness of others.

after I fell in love, the moments of disappointment increased significantly.

"I want to see him as soon as I get out of the subway station."

the truth is, he didn't notice that I was sick for half a month, walked home with my head down at 11:30 in the evening, and I was the one who washed, hung and folded every day.

when I asked "can you", he always said yes gently.

but it wasn't long before I got bored and annoyed.

even if two people are so close, I still don't think I should make requests all the time. I hate making requests all the time.

when other children keep making requests to their parents and start losing their temper when they are not satisfied, I have almost no desire in the eyes of my parents, and I never mention requests other than those they offered to me.

whether there is money left, or I am too poor to afford to eat, I will say: "there is still money. You can call again when it is convenient in a few days."

I thought my parents were proud when they said to others, "she never asked for anything from childhood."

Dad asked me in the video as usual, "do you want to transfer money?" as usual, I said, "whatever you want."

he exhaled and asked me, "Why do you never have to take the initiative to mention it to us? it seems that we have to transfer money to you consciously, always asking us to ask you."

I didn't mean to. I've been weird from before.

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she followed my eyes, picked up the same, and asked me, "is this it?"

she picked up something else and asked me, "is this it?"

after repeating several times, my mother will lose her temper and drag me home.

I guess I really wanted something at that time, otherwise I wouldn't have cried or refused to leave.

I guess it's too small. I don't remember these things at all. My mother told me when she complained that it was not easy to take care of me.

in the video with my father, I tried to explain something, but in the end I couldn't explain anything. I was very sad. I felt that I was dishonest and hurt others.

always keep the idea in your heart and then give up;

you think you see the other person's hesitation and refuse to help at once.

instead of not taking the initiative to withdraw money, the sentence "Please give me living expenses" will make my parents feel that their efforts are needed.

later he talked about it with a friend, and he said, "do you know? Sometimes I feel that many things are given to you by my wishful thinking, including care and help. "

he: "I offered it all on my own initiative, and I felt really boring over a long period of time."

this pattern of behavior makes me feel painful, but at the same time, it is also gradually draining the patience of others.

in the end, I will lose not only the things I "want", but also the people I want to catch.


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