My boyfriend never reads my instruction manual.

My boyfriend never reads my instruction manual.
Everyone has his own "precautions".

seeing that he didn't respond, I had to eat by myself. Unexpectedly, as soon as I opened the takeout box, I saw rice with slippery eggs and shrimp balls.

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at that moment, I felt very lost, because he was so attentive to his new mobile phone, but he never thought about it carefully, and I would have a lot of "precautions".

for example, when I ordered takeout, I ordered a meal with seafood; during my period, I bought frozen milk tea; knowing that my hands and feet were cold, he said he wanted to buy me a big down, but he ran aground because he was too busy with his work.

although he always forgets, he never finds it troublesome.

I didn't say anything, but he suddenly said to his classmate, "No, my girlfriend can't eat seafood."

after the party, I bowed my head and said to him, if I had known, I wouldn't have said it. I bothered you to go so far. However, he replied in a natural tone:

he should not know what this sentence means to me yet: it was the first time that someone had so firmly regarded my own trouble as a common "precaution".

if you don't accept your own "precautions", how can you expect others to accept them?

before going to bed, all the lights are off.

five minutes. " I said.


my boyfriend clasped the soles of my feet in the dark and rubbed his thumb hard.

in this deal, my boyfriend saved his face. while reducing my pressure, he didn't look like the kind of licking dog that easily agreed to his girlfriend's request.

hit it off at once.

that's why he can get to know me better and better, and even know exactly what I want without words.

to put it bluntly, this discussion is to explain to the other person what kind of person you are.

when the "say" is in place, there is no need to "quarrel".

I thought he was either watching the live game or chatting with the younger sister he mentioned earlier, and I was filled with a deep disappointment, so I asked him again, "what about the durian flavor?"

it was at that moment that I confirmed in my heart that he no longer liked me as much as he used to.

on the way back from the restaurant, I couldn't help asking him why he was so absent-minded when ordering, but he just shrugged: "I said, what else do you want me to do?"

in fact, everyone's "instructions" should be reviewed in time, because what two people need to get along with is not one-time understanding, but day-to-day practice.

some products destroy themselves when they are not needed;

he doesn't understand why I broke up. He probably forgot that this is who I am.

Zhou Xingchi in Yangtze River No. 7 gave his son a plush toy. The son accidentally found it from another planet and hoped that he could help him do a lot of things.

after turning around, he suddenly realized that he patted himself on the head and said, "it didn't say he had superpowers."

but people who ask such questions overlook the fact that we are never perfect, nor can we suddenly rise to the ideal appearance to maintain a relationship because of the disappearance of each other's novelty.

We decide to be with someone because of it;

good night.

if you like, listen to me not talking

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