My boyfriend, it's all because of me.

My boyfriend, it's all because of me.
Don't be afraid. Please.

two years after writing this article, I have a new understanding of it and made some changes.

it seems that whenever there is something you want to trouble each other.


unexpectedly, he didn't dare to borrow it from me this time, but went to borrow it from my boyfriend.

in less than half an hour, he came to me, laid the groundwork, and finally got to the point.

he didn't seem to expect me to be so straightforward.

because I want to tell him that I am a person who can be troublesome and don't need to be too careful with me.

in the early hours of Saturday morning, he suddenly sent me a message asking "what are you doing?" After I confessed my position, I found that the other party didn't take it.

so he asked him first, "where are you?" "would you like a midnight snack?" "would you like to go to our place to watch the game?"

when he came up, he not only paid for us to bet on Portugal, but also picked up a large bag of drinks in the convenience store, making this makeshift "hot pot ball game" much warmer than expected.

I don't know if he feels "afraid of trouble" when he makes a request.

this sharpness actually stems from the experience of being cautious, because too many "fear of trouble" have been confirmed, so they are more aware of this "disappointment" than anyone else.

because this name is called, the probability of being answered is the highest.

on lulu's birthday, I asked me to dinner. I pretended to forget, and instead created a "game in the game" and tricked her into helping me celebrate my summer graduation.

with the cooperation of all the Oscar-winning actresses, I asked lulu to help with the cake.

then everyone suddenly sang "Happy Birthday". She was so moved that she looked a little clumsy.

when she came home that night, she sent a message with a solemn feeling:

she probably forgot that I had never been "surprised" before.

and before we meet each other, we are almost certain that we are the kind of people who "will never know what a surprise is".

lulu and I are both such people, or, more accurately, we are each other.

always meet someone who will miss her.

when I was friends with Yuanxia, I was reluctant to ask him either.

one year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone went home. I slept alone in the dormitory for a day. When I woke up at night, the whole school was surprisingly quiet.

there were two options at that time. I made an appointment with an and was rejected.

it was an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival night. Because I was so embarrassed, I walked from the cinema all night before walking back to school at dawn.

there were two options at that time, and this time I sent it to b. B told me to stand still and wait for him to come.

an is not even a friend now, b later became my boyfriend.

now I go back to school and pass by the cinema. When I talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival, he always asks me, "Why didn't you call me at that time?"

once I fell asleep at three o'clock. Because I slept so shallowly, I woke up suddenly at 03:30. I asked him and found that he was still there.

many people ask why they suddenly choose to be with him without warning.

has been "felt troublesome" more times.


there are some people you have known for a long time and still dare not bother each other.

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on the other hand, some people don't get along well at first and don't feel a special intersection.

it is precisely because we are in so much trouble with each other that we become that important and irreplaceable person.

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