My boyfriend is even angry.

My boyfriend is even angry.
So serious? So fierce? So cute?

whether this sentence is serious or not, she will tell you: "Yes, I just want to break up, how about that?"

just say the words, like the water splashed on your face, the sun can evaporate all the water, but the kind of "cool heart" when it is splashed is hard for every man to forget.

she thought to herself, "my boyfriend is quite good at dressing."

she decided not to chase, and even began to move in anger, in this way to distance herself from her boyfriend.

the two walked all the way in the opposite direction, during which they raised their phones twice a minute on average, but each time the screen lit up and found that they had not received a message from each other, their arms fell slowly again.

A couple who have been in love for two whole years.

she thought for a long time and finally sent the picture.

the screen lit up, and he glanced down, raised his arm, and raised his phone to his eyes.

he also thought about it for a long time, about 20 seconds. These 20 seconds are really long, because usually as soon as he sees her message, he will reply immediately.

he raised his left hand, held the phone with his left hand, and then tapped the virtual keyboard with his left thumb and right thumb at the same time, slowly typing out: "where are you?"

"wait for me."

Analysis of "Boys think carefully"

2. It is only right that whoever does something wrong will give in first.

4. As long as you say something, your anger will go away.

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