My boyfriend eats chicken in love.

My boyfriend eats chicken in love.
Good night.

recently we were looking for a house in Guangzhou. One night on the weekend, Brother Xia said that there was a good house, and the price and environment were very ok.

before I get out of the subway entrance, I already feel a desolate smell, that is, the whole subway station is empty, and there is a cold wind blowing at the end of the stairs, which makes you shiver unconsciously.

I asked him, "are you sure you want to live in this place?"

"I just told you not to come, but you are coming again. Forget it, it's all here. It's only 200 meters. Let's watch it before we go.

I looked at the endless path ahead and couldn't help wondering, "haven't you arrived yet?"

then the person who took a breath of cold air was replaced by me, and I could feel my brain running at a high speed.

unexpectedly, before I finished my breath of air-conditioning, he stood by the side of the road and began to play with his cell phone.

so I was the first to open the cold first sentence, "what are you doing?"

he looked up, turned the phone page towards me, and said innocently:

Grab yourself a piece of cheap bridesmaid dresses and accentuate your ensemble to bring out your elegance. Pick the best design for you; cheap bridesmaid dresses is bringing uniqueness in your wardrobe.


I never thought there would be such a deadly trick for boys.

half an hour later, when I took my milk tea from a little bit, I responded and complained, "what a poisonous move you are!" Where did you learn it? "

because he said that all he could think about was "I'm going to die!" I'm dying! How am I going to live?

coincidentally, the official name of "eating Chicken" just reflects the mentality of men in love, that is, "PUBG".


1, where are you going now?

3, do you know what day it is today?

the boy trembled and replied, "is it the half-year anniversary of our first trip?"

thinking of a recent interview with du Jiang that was dug up, it went viral on Weibo

once Huo Siyan said on the program that du Jiang dared not tell her, "you can spend my money as much as you like."

because du Jiang feels that even the word "my money" is wrong.

"it's not about remorse, it's just a little scared".

Boys also have a desire to survive, which happens when talking about other girls or exes.

then she turned around and asked Chen Xiaochun this question-

as long as it was another woman, it was "I don't know, I don't understand, I don't know".

every year on the second day of the Lunar New year, my mother has to go back to her mother's house, because my mother has many sisters in that town, that is, we have aunts, aunts, aunts and aunts to visit.

then my father got up again, the two of them had a few words, and my mother got angry and drove us out by herself.

I didn't expect that as soon as I arrived at my grandmother's house, my father called me and asked me, "which home are you in now?"

my father told me helplessly, "I'll get up late. Your mother will be angry for two hours at most. If I don't visit your grandmother in the second year of junior high school, she will be angry until the second day of next year!"

it was not until then that I knew that the desire to survive was not confined to my generation.

A person who wants to survive can not see how much he loves you, but relatively can see that he has the ability to "avoid trouble" in a relationship.

and falling in love with a person, there are two ways to answer. He knows which one will make you struggle, so put it in the notebook and choose the one that will make you relatively happy next time.

maybe only after both sides have figured out PUBG's tricks can we really "eat chicken" in life.

Today we went to work at noon. When we were waiting for the bus on the road, a woman walked by. Brother Xia and I said, "the woman who just walked by has big breasts."

not to mention boobs, I can't even see a woman. It's really a trick, a trick.

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