Most of the "I'm tired" is fake.

Most of the "I'm tired" is fake.
Don't worry that you can't do it.

it's even worse. I've failed my second subject twice, and I can't even breathe smoothly at the thought of going to the exam for the third time.

he first waved to me to shut up, then came over and looked me in the eye, and then said meaningfully:

I admit that, with my IQ, it did take a long time to understand what he was saying.

and this rejection of ourselves consumes most of our energy invisibly.

many people know that I am often ill, especially in the past six months.

every time I come to the company, the editor-in-chief does not ask how the latest manuscript is going, but asks me, "are you any better?"

because I always get sick one after another, I just recovered from surgery a few months ago, but I had skin allergies last week.

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there's nothing wrong with wanting to get better, but it's easy to go wrong if you always pursue it with the mentality of "want it now, need it now".

because change is a gradual process, not to mention that there are so many unfair factors in life.


but when I first accepted that I was the kind of person who was "productive on the last day", my jittery days began to become happy and available.

so don't blame yourself for being lazy and useless once you can't do it. You just haven't found the right way to work.

if you fall from one place, you get up from another.

after all, real change begins only when your energy shifts from self-blame to self-control.

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