Mom's unspoken wish is to take a plane with you.

Mom's unspoken wish is to take a plane with you.
Why can't it be us?

I said yes, but I didn't think she would really come.

so when she took action to show that she was really coming this time, I was a little surprised, but after hanging up the phone, I was disappointed with my surprise: A trip with my parents had become almost unthinkable to me.

8 years old

is my biggest topic

at that time, I was in the third grade, and the farthest place I went to was the shopping street in the district. It took me 20 minutes by bus, and my mother said she was waiting for me to eat pizza at the station.

I thought she had guessed that it was just a contest between children. When I really got there, I asked the most questions about where I am now, where I am going, and when I can eat.

she didn't stand in a stalemate with me for long, but there is a premise that I have to cross the street with my own money to buy it, and lotus root flour is a reward for challenging myself.

it suddenly occurred to me that, according to her, I was earlier than other children in talking and walking for the first time. I think this is also because she is always keen on making me challenge things I haven't done before.

such as

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still follow me to

Xi'an is the nearest one in the city I filled in. In order to strike while the iron is hot, I bought a round-trip ticket to Xi'an during the winter vacation a few days later. After buying it, I sent a message to my mother, saying that I would be back a few days later.

I was amused when I saw the news, because she must have thought about it all night. As an adult with a saturated workload, it is not easy to walk away, not to mention that she has no reason to go to Xi'an itself.

and she followed me most of the time without saying a word, and the only request she made was to say that she wanted Huli soup one morning. So I opened the map and searched a nearby store. The hot soup served in winter was hot. After a small mouthful, she showed a look of satisfaction and pushed the bowl over to signal me to try it.

the moment I caught the look in her eyes, I seemed to see myself when I was a child, and this nearly forty-year-old woman was completely dependent on me and didn't feel anything wrong.

she would rather spend a day at the snack bar

the phone call to discuss the itinerary

back to my mother's visit. In fact, she took the initiative to ask me if there were any places I wanted to go that we could play together in the next few days.

she knows that I don't have many friends here, and I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for going out to play. I also know that she likes natural places like mountains and seas, so I made an intersection of our preferences and decided on the destination of this trip. the time was exactly the day after this article was sent.

I always feel that no matter who you are with, only with these steps of going back and forth can you really travel together.

We can meet

if we can know what our parents think, maybe we can get along more comfortably with them.

there is a plot in which I am very deep, that is, after the protagonist becomes a father, he still wants to drink frozen milk tea, only to find that his father's stomach can't stand it at all. At that moment, he decided to think more about his parents' health.

when I was a child, I thought more than once that when I grew up, I would be able to travel around the world without relying on anyone. I think my mother once thought that when I grew up, she would not have to worry about anything. feel free to travel with me.

not only travel, but also every moment with our parents. We are not the only ones who depend on them, and they depend on our two extremes.

what's more, even parents have things they want to do and places they want to go, and when they worry too much, they may need someone they trust to push themselves behind their backs, just like we did when we were young.

author /Lu Yifei

Music /Lonesome town-Ricky Nelson

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