Mom, go to the square dance.

Mom, go to the square dance.
You are not allowed to be bored at home alone.

if you think about it carefully, you will know why. Middle-aged people whose potential has bottomed out will be forgotten by society if they do not succeed.

therefore, from the point of view of outsiders, their happiness index is naturally pointed to whether their children are proud or not, when they can have grandchildren, and sharing family happiness seems to be their ultimate goal.

but no one seems to care about how they live.

I watched a movie called "Giant Buddha Plath" not long ago and found that the lines in it are very suitable for the theme I want to express today.

during the Spring Festival a few years ago, I saw her spirit in playing mahjong, with a straight back, slightly bent elbows, smart eyes and tight facial muscles. Playing mahjong can be said to exercise her upper body after a round of mahjong.

in Lust, caution, the posture of Shanghainese playing mahjong

when she was playing, I glanced at her. Her face could not see whether she was happy or sad, but operated at once under the female voice of the system.

Don't get me wrong, boredom is not a derogatory term, it's just a sad word, it's more sad than "old" and "ugly", it means that a person has no passion, appearance and time can no longer stimulate her, and every day that follows is the same as the day before.

"what do you usually do?"

"besides work?"

"do you get bored?"

"I can't lie. Do you have any regular friends?"

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she resists such a conversation because it deepens her understanding of herself.

while I was studying out of town, there was nothing I could do for her but pick up a video call every night.

many people don't understand why the middle-aged man who picks up junk for a living in "Big Buddha Plath" only likes to catch dolls. I think it's probably because it's the only activity he can manipulate, small remote poles, cheap coin opportunities, and the ease that no one is watching.

parents certainly want to have company, but not every child can meet such a requirement.

so they will like to keep pets and watch TV more than young people, making life more lively even if it is boring.

I asked my friends if they thought their parents were boring.

they think that leaving parents is a kind of liberation and represents freedom for parents, but in fact, for more middle-aged people, this is the entrance to the black hole.

but those middle-aged people who regard their children as the meaning of existence, they feel that as long as their children live well, they will be all right. They are constantly out of touch with society and constantly narrowing the scope of their activities. This tendency is likely to make them eventually become dormant, pinning their only hope on the day their children return home.

I have thought about the solution. I bought skin care products for my mother, hoping she would take more care, and asked her if she wanted to go shopping and buy some clothes for the season, but none of them seemed to work.

I used to object to my mother's square dancing for a very simple reason, because I thought it was very corny. A group of aunts twisted their waist and buttocks in the square, which was not really interesting, but when I came home last time, I said to my mother, go and dance in the future.

what I didn't say is that I hope she has more opportunities to go out, talk, and make friends. They need to give themselves some opportunities to tell themselves that even a small change will make life less boring.

eat more if you like, play more if you like, and walk around if you like to travel.

parents are the most generous people in the world, but if they give too much, they will forget how to gain.

and we have neither lack of matches nor lack of interesting tentacles. Why don't you just take out a piece of fire and light them up? it won't be very difficult, maybe it will light up a little bit.

everyone says that funerals are not popular now, but happiness is popular.

then let's make great efforts to make happiness popular among our parents.

Lu Yifei

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life

here is a collection of young people who are not willing to cater to it.