"Mom also knows it's not easy to live with a boy."

"Mom also knows it's not easy to live with a boy."
Mom's advice.

she said, "I feel like you've been under a little pressure lately."

I held my cell phone and my eyes turned red unexpectedly.

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from the age of 13, the only piece of advice she repeatedly told me was: Don't trust boys easily.

she was afraid that I wouldn't believe it, so she always added at the end, "just look at your father."

finally, when I stretched myself out of the sofa, my mother told me earnestly, "he's fine, but no one knows what happens in the future. Don't sink in it easily."

sometimes it's "just together, it doesn't mean anything", sometimes it's "he always gives in to you, and he'll get bored with you for a long time."

A 20-year-old mother has been happy.

at that time, my father was still very much like the handsome boy in the Hong Kong drama of the last century, wearing a motorcycle trench coat and driving a speeding motorcycle to wait for my mother to get off work. The front of the car must hang a zongzi, because my mother likes to eat.

so every night, there is a motorcycle with zongzi hanging from the front of the car. After circling the island several times, it is speeding back and forth on the road.

but every night on that road, my mother thought that she would have the freedom and protection she wanted in the future.

in my impression, my father is the king of the family, and everyone has to live up to his standards in order to live at home.

but Mom and we always have to prepare everything in advance, because as long as he starts, everyone has to keep up with him, without a moment of hesitation, or he will teach him terrible words.

it's not that mom doesn't want to go out to work, but dad wants her to "do her job as a woman" at home.

Dad's patience, tolerance, kindness and thoughtfulness are gone.

they fight for each other at home and complain about each other. The home of four people is often divided into two camps, and everyone at the dinner table looks strange.

occasionally yell at me, "if it goes on like this, I'll go crazy."

these fathers don't care. He thinks his mother is messing around. He thinks these dissatisfaction bothers him. He yelled and even started, just to calm his mother down.

Mom doesn't understand that she is no longer the 20-year-old girl who is waiting for others to be considerate, but she is becoming more and more annoying.

I don't understand when I'm talking about teenage love, and neither does my mother who is caught in it.

now, at the age of 20, I have also met a person I like very much.

everything was interesting at first. We went out in pairs, we played and shared our troubles. These happy moments mask the problems of life itself.

I like to be neat, he is always casual; I am used to light, but he is spicy; I am very sensitive, but he doesn't seem to care much.

when I first reminded him to put things away, I didn't think it would become my mantra in the future. I remembered that my father was the same, and I remembered that my mother was always accused of talking too much.

thinking about it, I feel scared, and I even want to back down.

later, I had several conflicts with my boyfriend, and each time I refused to communicate. I went outside for a few hours until my boyfriend went crazy looking for me in the early morning.

I am afraid to go back and face the conflict with my boyfriend, just as I was afraid to go home and see my parents fighting each other, complaining and quarreling. I'm afraid that one day, no matter how much I like it, we will become like that.


unlike before, she no longer told me to be careful and not to sink in.

so she told me more about how two people get along. She told me what doesn't matter, which is not easy, which needs to be run-in, and which can just go by.

I would also like to sum up some experience and tell you how to get along well, but life is so long that I can't sum it up.

Music | likes you, but is afraid-Dale, Wang Shengfu

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