Milk tea didn't destroy us.

Milk tea didn't destroy us.
I wrote down a little bit of collocation from all my friends.

on that day, my friend's affection for his boyfriend and my affection for my friend all climbed a big step.

our only two mutual friends, plus me, and his girlfriend, gave him a like.

up to now, I have been a junior consumer who only orders milk tea, but every time I see the recommended method on Weibo, I save it and occasionally try it.

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these are the answers I will keep in mind to answer "what tastes better".

of course I know it's all over the Internet, but I often want this answer to come from my friends. Because they believe more in their tastes, and want to make sure what they know about themselves. Instead of straightforward but rude recommendations on the Internet.

I remember that I prefer plain tea or milk lid, as small as de-iced or normal ice. So sometimes when we order takeout together, we don't have to ask them what they like one by one, and we won't be at a loss when they say casually.

I ordered her two cups of takeout, one she often ordered and the other with a new flavor. On the one hand, it is because of the two cups, and on the other hand, it gives her a choice.

but then again, it makes girls feel like they have a choice, which is really a good tool to increase their affection.

when she was a freshman, her roommate's enthusiasm for milk tea began: there was always a box of Lipton on the table (and later learned that the drawers were full of hoarding). When she was a sophomore, when she was familiar with takeout APP, "will anyone fight for milk tea with me" became her mantra.

it's not that I don't like milk tea. It's only because I'm fat that I restrain my impulse to order takeout every time, so when it's in front of me, it's easy for my reason to disappear after a struggle. It is conceivable that almost all the milk tea ended up in my stomach.

until one Saturday, when my Weibo and moments were so hard to browse, I put down my phone and looked back. I found that my roommates were all playing with their phones, giggling from time to time, looking like a room full of decadent salted fish. The roommate found me looking at her and repeated her mantra.

it was our first walk to buy milk tea. I still remember that it was a cool night. When I left school, I ran into a green light and walked a few minutes to the nearest coco. She was very reluctant at first, but then she took the initiative to tell me that it was comfortable to breathe some fresh air.

other roommates don't understand how we suddenly became acquainted. I think the answer may be:

3-"after ordering milk tea for colleagues twice, they pulled me into a group chat."

the audit company where I intern has its own building, and the white-collar beauties who come in and out every day look very difficult to mess with.

similar behavior occurred when I was sick and asked for leave, and when I received a "all right" from my colleague in charge of attendance, I fell back to bed.

she said yes. Out of courtesy, I asked her if she wanted a drink, and she nodded. Later, she helped me finish the work that day, and she told me how to find the data more quickly and easily.

the contents include, but are not limited to, the boss of the competing company is said to be married again, and Louis from the next-door department where he last came to communicate is quite handsome. Tonight, there is a white-collar set meal in the cafe downstairs, 38 yuan and soup.

although the workload has only increased since then, with their guidance, the difficulty of my work has returned to the safe range.

after all, the initiative of the moment does not seem to be a big deal compared to the ease of life after that.

when I was in Guangzhou, my colleague suddenly handed me my mobile phone. On the screen was Yihe Hall's takeout interface.

I almost forgot this time, but luckily she remembered such a thing.

on the one hand, she thinks about what I said, which makes me feel that she is very attentive, on the other hand, the opportunity is really rare.

they may not be enough reasons for you to go to that city on purpose, but they will certainly be part of your memory of that city.

recently there have been a lot of tweets saying that our generation of young people is a generation that has been destroyed by fast-decay things like milk tea and Douyin, but I don't think so.

finding such a universal way to convey feelings is more of a blessing for our generation.