Love you.

Love you.
Change the cover picture today.

when I saw it, I was stunned for a few seconds, because of his questions, but also because of his sentence "I don't understand". Since the questionnaire was sent out last night, nearly 9,000 readers have filled in feedback for us. They are so attentive that they are willing to read it line by line in the face of such long-winded questions, and then give us the truest answer through thinking.

so tonight, I would like to talk to you about yesterday's annual meeting and the current mess.

We had a good seafood buffet.

I still remember the annual meeting in January 17, when we sat in our office in Dongguan and spent more than 2,000 yuan to prepare three induction cookers. At that time, Chongqing hot pot was not as popular as it is today, so the soup used that night was stewed with keel corn and radish.

because on the afternoon of the same day, Zepeng and I sat in the square near the office and discussed for nearly two hours: "fewer and fewer people are looking at chaos. What should we do?"

I still remember what Zepeng said to me in the square: "what are you afraid of? it will be all right."

fortunately, the messy students do not hold grudges. When asked about the 17-year annual meeting, their regrets are quite different from their dissatisfaction, that is, the editor-in-chief of did not prepare gifts for everyone to draw.

students who watched the live broadcast yesterday should have noticed that I was laughing on the stage like drinking fake wine. I gave you the collection of Wang Xiaobo, the upper and lower volume of novel class, the Godfather trilogy, the messy Travel Fund, and Nintendo's Switch.

We printed out the first articles of all the messy authors.

"persevere can prevent memories from becoming regrets."

so as early as half a month ago, we turned over a round of more than a thousand tweets in the past, and then found out the contact information of all the authors, sent them our made invitations and asked them if they were free this Sunday. Then print out the first article written by these authors in a disorganized way and put it in a prepared envelope.

"if only I could be like him."

the last article was read more than 10,000 times, which I envied for a long time (cluttered just over 10,000 followers, daily reading is 4K). I remember complaining to the eel whale at that time, "Why is it better to take a picture than me and read more than me?"

Coming with the latest design, our new 8th grade prom dresses is what you are missing. Here are best discounts and choices!

Life is really interesting. How could we, who communicated on Wechat late that night, think that now, two years later, we would have another meal in this form, giving me a chance to talk about my worship of him?

there is also 1ax 2, who has only contributed a few articles to clutter and has not officially become one of our authors. At that time, they may all be enthusiasts in a certain field, photography, design, games, film and television, so writing has nothing to do with their career planning. They just want to use the disorganized platform to end or share opinions with certain things.

those who are confused, or hit a brick wall, are really the ones who gave up their hobbies at that time.

from "working alone" to "everything is messy",

"We are strong, we care about our readers."

for 15 years, clutter didn't even have 10,000 fans, not to mention the writing fee. I almost couldn't afford to drink Vitasoy. But under such conditions, eel whale and Tong C were willing to join in writing with me, but I remember saying to them confidently, "there is only one thing I can do to help you when you come into the mess." that is, there are fewer detours on the road of writing. "

remember the cluttered first ad, I was going to quote 500, but VC said, "Editor-in-Chief, you are such a pussy."

to 16 years, we began to have a stable advertising revenue, clutter also began to send articles per article fee, 100 yuan per article, good writing plus. At that time, Tong c and I were the mainstays of clutter, and we contracted almost half of the messy tweets. At that time, several of us went to the Xiang restaurant near the school for dinner, and when we paid the bill, we found that we had eaten more than 300 yuan. While staring at the cluttered few funds, I shouted to them, "next year, I'm going to invite everyone to a big dinner!" Screw it for more than 300 yuan, and you'll have to eat more than 3,000 yuan! "

then came the addition of Zepeng Yuanxia, an atypical engineering male and a band lead singer. At first, I really didn't understand what these two people had to do with writing. It was only later that I found out why they got into the mess: it was all in order to get out of order.

I ignored them, because I won't listen to anyone's opinions on design. Because of the design this time, I have become very good friends with the designer. His name is A Kang. We will continue to make some special products for you this year.

I used to say, "I am the one of all things."

this "you" is not only them in the picture, but also all the disorganized readers outside the picture.

that's why I want to write this article.

Love you.