Love remarked with Wechat is the last thing I want.

Love remarked with Wechat is the last thing I want.
It is the identity, not the name, that matters.

so about three seconds later, the name at the top of the chat box changed from a string of mobile phone numbers (the original network name was her mobile phone number) to a somewhat foreign, coquettish "mommy".

after receiving the picture, the other party said "good" to show satisfaction, but her satisfaction made me uncomfortable.

as a matter of fact, it's not because of apathy or laziness that I never gave my mother a comment.

although there are occasional embarrassments caused by the other person's screen name change, I need to distinguish and remember who this person is from my chat notes and moments.

for example, many friends do not understand or even get angry, thinking that not giving comments means not caring, which means that the relationship is only a general acquaintance.

but if you think about it in a different way, you will find that something that is too easy will make people suspicious.

it only takes three seconds to modify a person's remarks.

I had been waiting for someone to find me that day. Finally, when I was waiting for the elevator, I happened to be parked on the same level as my classmates, and the phone sounded. It was my father who sent a text message asking, "Sister, what are you doing?"

when I replied, I noticed a pair of eyes behind me, from the girl who bumped into my shoes that day. She was supposed to want to see who I was talking to.


what I fear most is that after a long period of time, I can't even tell whether the comment is true or false.

A friend once mentioned that in the last few months of her first long-distance relationship, she annotated her boyfriend as "husband" for the first time, and listed his advantages to us for the first time at a friend's party, saying that he was a good boyfriend who was not clingy but considerate.

only later did she know that at that time she could already feel that their relationship was not as good as it used to be, that the interval between the two replies could sometimes go to more than half a day, and the things she arranged to do together often ended with an apology and explanation.

Nothing would do you more favor than deep red bridesmaid dresses. There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

actually not.

and in any relationship, both parties are constantly changing individuals.

only when you acquiesce to this premise, will you find that when we care enough about each other, we will not be arbitrary and self-righteous to define each other.

that's why I said that love expressed in Wechat comments is the last thing I want.

so, the next time you see that you happen to have no notes in the other person's address book, you don't have to worry about it.

author /Lu Yifei

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