Love is not made, it spills over.

Love is not made, it spills over.
Some time ago, I wrote an article, "I advise you to like several people at the same time." there was a message like this in the message area at that time.

it just so happens that I really encountered this problem, and I couldn't sleep for a few days because of it.

it's just a little different today. It's more like flipping through someone's diary (actually "another me") to see what he, as a boyfriend, is thinking before and after Valentine's Day.

I really don't want to promote it. I think I can do it in "girlfriend"

February 11. 11:23 at night

"almost failed"

I thought I wouldn't make such a mistake, but at the beginning of the new year, I was tricked and almost ended my five-year relationship.

I replied, "well, who knows."

I answer how it's possible.

it's probably late at night and my brain is so inflexible that I don't know how to refute her point for a moment.

if I do it again, I will never stop my mouth, and I will muddle through these problems even if I can't explain them well.

when I woke up the next day, my girlfriend had begun to pack her clothes. I grabbed her and said, "I don't think I like you 85%."

so after eating the meat porridge that my mother had just cooked, she drove the more than ten-year-old car and left me.

the reply received is:

that's it. I've been blocked.

the first time it happened in my junior year, I had to take the exam for subject 2 the next day. I was upset and shouted "forget it" during the argument. As a result, she was much cleaner than me. She didn't have to hang up the phone, and I didn't have to say goodbye.

this time, I tried to text her using the old method.

after a long time, there was silence.

another long time.

but I am not a soft persimmon. I typed "552" into the digital keypad on the screen, which is my family trumpet with her.

"what?" This is her first question.

so I took a deep breath and said to the end of the phone, "if I really like you only 85%, then this 85 must be my limit."

girlfriend asked: "how to understand."

my girlfriend said, "bullshit."

my girlfriend said, "but you are too bad to me."

girlfriend asked: "still waiting?"

my girlfriend giggled beside the phone.

I replied, "I understand you. I'm not afraid."

February 13th, 5:40

"after the success of the robbery"

and because we are no longer a little couple, but an old couple, I unilaterally entered a period of fear.

all the plants and trees are afraid of their hands and feet. They must say good morning when they get up in the morning and good night before they go to bed at night. Whether or not to say good afternoon at noon depends on whether she tells me when to take a nap. In any case, the frequency of two-hour conversations must be maintained.

but one more thing to say here, the "forgiveness" mentioned above is "I forgive myself".

so I have to hold on, waiting for my value to be discovered, and waiting for the relationship to sprout again.

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and what she tells me every day is not only "mm-hmm", but also "I have to take a bath".

but after careful consideration, I guess it's all just a tease by my girlfriend.