Lord Jing is happy, we put down the price.

Lord Jing is happy, we put down the price.
Happy birthday to the prettiest guy in the street.

disorganized and warm Men

launched a series of discounts , in order to make more readers who like to be disorganized to buy their own products.

1. The limited edition of the series of "everything has me" is new.

half-sleeve printed sweaters

2, disorganized 2018 customized version necklace, new pre-sale.

3, "I am in trouble" series replenishment, purple, green, yellow and gray in all sizes, Taobao store has been replenished, welcome to choose. At the same time, thank you for your support. More than 1000 pieces of clothes were sold within 20 days on the shelves .

the original price of choker is 38 yuan (current price is 29 yuan).

the original price of disorganized canvas bags is 79 yuan (current price 60 yuan) ;

Girls do not listen to the "left ear goes in and out of the right ear" earrings original price 78 yuan (current price 59 yuan) ;

for more details, please go to Taobao [messy warm Men's Department] ( ¥drwpbVx2fmP ¥) and consult the Vicky of Taobao.

3. Customized necklace combination

2. After passing the examination, you need to pay a management fee of 9 yuan.

Get prepared to buy a fabulous ice blue bridesmaid dresses and be the center of attention? Our collections offer all lengths and styles.

or go directly to the Taobao store [messy warm Men's Department] ( ¥drwpbVx2fmP ¥) to learn more about the situation.

Design /cheap

here is a collection of young people who are reluctant to cater.