Long-distance relationships are most afraid of meeting.

Long-distance relationships are most afraid of meeting.
I want to live with you so much.

I don't understand games, I can't understand his excitement, and I don't understand why I took a four-hour high-speed train ride from Xiamen to spend our precious time together at the first dinner we just met.

I was so sad that I even wanted to lose my temper, but after thinking about it, I smiled and said to him, "eat quickly, the food is getting cold."

"that's what long-distance relationships are like." I can only comfort myself.

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for couples in long-distance relationships, every meeting has a shelf life.

my boyfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship for a year. After seeing each other off with countless hands, we can arrange each trip accurately and make the most efficient use of the time we meet.

after going through this process over and over again, I finally found that long-distance relationships are not afraid of missing, not afraid of not being held, and what I fear most is meeting.

when I met him, I actually set out from Xiamen and Guangzhou respectively to spend the weekend in Dongguan.

although the interval between the two buses is only five minutes, in my eyes, it has long been cut and transformed into an application question of "what would we do if we had 300 seconds?"

300 seconds is really short. As soon as I sent him to the gate, I saw the electronic screen show the beginning of ticket checking. I was caught off guard, so I had to push him desperately into the ticket gate.

as he walked, he turned to look at me step by step and waved desperately to me: "be careful yourself. I'll see you next time!"

that's my bus.

I know too well that saying goodbye is an inescapable problem, and when it comes to the end of the shelf life, it's too late to taste it, so I might as well end it with my own hands as soon as possible.

this is the case every time. No matter how well prepared you are, you will always feel sorry at the moment of saying goodbye.

if you have to say that this is immature, then I will admit it.

when I volunteered at that time, in order to go to a better school, I resolutely chose to study out of the province. I never regretted it.

it's just that when I stay with my boyfriend, he sets the itinerary, he carries the luggage, he checks the map, and everything is arranged, so I have to become a "rubbish" confidently, reaching out for clothes and food.

the noise attracted the eyes of many passers-by, many of whom passed by and glanced at it, but they were indifferent.

as a matter of fact, there are a lot of times when he is away, but every time he meets and is taken good care of, the habit of independence is easily broken. Once separated, there is no way to instantly restore the original state.

I'm fed up with the "I miss you" that I can't meet. I'm tired of hearing the words "hug" when I'm sad, because I'm afraid of these inevitable negative emotions, just like people who grow up in the cold and know to tuck themselves in.

I often feel very depressed when I am alone.

it's not easy to learn how to get along with him when he's not around, but every time he meets, all his previous efforts are wasted. Although I have experienced many parting times, I still can't learn to deal with the frustration after parting.

as long as you still like that person, it's impossible not to feel sorry for "going to be alone again" after separation.

so I am afraid to meet because I am afraid that after separation I will think, "I wish you were here all the time."

at this point, looking at a person's dormitory, I don't know how to end this article. Because simply shouting "I want to live with you all the time" will not have any effect on reality at all.

he paused for a long time, and then said, "just tell them at the end of the article that since your boyfriend knows what you think, he has promised you that he will no longer play with his cell phone while eating."

although I don't know if he can really stop touching his cell phone, we seem to be a little closer to the ultimate goal of "living together" because of such a simple agreement.

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