Little sister, would you like to have chicken tonight?

Little sister, would you like to have chicken tonight?
The story that my little chicken-eating sisters and I had to tell.

"PUBG" has been on fire for a long time. I haven't eaten chicken, but I've always seen chickens running everywhere.

as a result, after the mobile game "exciting Battlefield" was launched two months ago, the gunshots of Ak and M416 almost replaced the phrase "Don't wave, we can win" in milk tea shops, restaurants, and wherever young people gather.

it has an unprecedented magic.

I didn't ask her "do you want to come?" The kind of love she said "yes".

do you think she is good at playing games?

after so many games, she collected the most titles:

"War reporter" (no fighting, just running)

the most common scene in the duo platoon was when I heard gunshots. I shouted someone, be careful.

I quickly found cover, judged the position of the enemy, opened the camera, aimed, killed, and said, "Dead, let's go."

she rolled her eyes and said it was none of your business.

once I was about to run away from drugs and found a Gyibug. She couldn't get on the car and insisted on dragging me to another motorcycle in the distance.

I've been listening to her chatter all the way, and I found that she was talking to herself:

after killing the enemy, we always rush to lick the bag (pick up the dead's equipment).

she: "Wow, his clothes are more handsome. Put them on."


of course there are times when I had the misfortune to be killed next to her.

so I got a second life, manipulated her character, and made it all the way to the finals.

finally, meditating on the picture of "good luck, eating chicken tonight", he read:


they love peace, a new suit of clothes, an interesting scene, and even follow the person they like, watching him fight hard, when he is a mobile backpack and war reporter, you can find his own happiness.

once I formed a team with strangers and matched to a northeast sister with a northeast accent in her voice.

"Brother, do you want four times scope? come and get it from me."

when I was knocked down:

A protuberance of the backhand killed the opposite pair.

"do you have a medical package? Give my sister a breast milk. "

"Oh, my God, I was shot in the head by that old pussy. Dude, please go and don't save me. The poison has already arrived."

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the last time I went to Nai Xue's tea, I saw a man and a woman at the next table stimulating the battlefield to fight.

as soon as I ran back, I heard the sound of several bullets falling beside me. Under the anti-slope, an encounter battle for an airdrop suddenly broke out.

the boy crouched, put away his gun, pulled out a fragmented grenade, opened the safety ring, and prepared a grenade to teach him how to be a man.




after a loud noise, there were two more smoking boxes on the ground.

female: "what are you doing? Grenades don't be thrown? "

the little sister shook her cell phone and said no more. You spicy chicken is always in the pit every time.

Please do not pit in front of this kind of female players, please keep your mobile phone fully charged, don't shoot to report points, and don't land into boxes.


for the vast majority of people, the number of playgrounds in double rows and four rows is much larger than that in solo rows.

you have no choice but to win, and you can't find anything to connect with yourself.