Line 3 can't take me home.

Line 3 can't take me home.
Some things don't have to be done here.

I didn't expect that the city of Guangzhou taught me such a lesson on the first day I moved here.

it turns out that everyone has some moments when they want to escape from the big city.

@ Cherry

that was the first time I carefully observed the people on the subway.

on my right, there is a girl with excellent balance. She can draw eyebrows on the rickety subway and put on lipstick quickly before getting off the subway.

observing here, I suddenly feel a little pitiful about these people, but when I realize that I am one of them, I feel even more sad.

I finally understand that what I want to escape more than the "crowding" and "hustle and bustle" of a big city is the "sense of urgency" that I am urged to do all the time.

"Mom, I want to go home."

@ A K

I felt a little hungry. I took out my cell phone and ordered takeout, only to find that the delivery fee was more expensive than the food I ordered. I was not hungry in an instant.

sometimes, I will give myself a bowl of noodles. Just boil the water, put the noodles down, add a fried egg, throw two strips of lettuce, sprinkle some chopped onions and soy sauce, and it will be delicious.

but in a big city, it's too hard to have this sense of life.

for the convenience of going to work, I rented a cubicle in Tianhe, which was so small that if I didn't pay attention to it, I would hit the corner of the bed. In such a limited space, the kitchen is unimaginable, and the independent bathroom is not extravagant, so it would be nice to have a place to hang clothes.

but in fact, I'm losing it bit by bit.

@ Lao Lu

I have expected this for a long time. I can rely on my parents to go home. The house price is low, the pressure is not so great, and of course I will be more comfortable.

they are already a little famous in their hometown, and many business activities and bars invite them to sing. Speaking of which, he smiled, handed the phone to me and said, "you see, we have a spontaneous support meeting on Weibo."

I can't help feeling: "you're still the same."

that was the first time I knew: going home doesn't mean you have to take the road paved by your parents.

about photography, he liked it when he was in college. When he returned to his hometown, he took videos of all kinds of streets and scenery and put them on the Internet, which was recognized by many people.

this video is a New year's gift prepared by for young people.

I wrote this article because I think there is too much misunderstanding about "going home to work".

less stress in life, more space and possibility, less traffic congestion, more time and sense of life, all make more and more people want to go home.

good night.

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