Like a toilet brush for 365 days.

Like a toilet brush for 365 days.
Please maintain the ability to think independently.

in his eyes, I, the elder brother of two years older than him, is an experienced person.

follow the experience of others, often can not walk well their own experience, but listening to other people's stories, may be able to avoid their own accidents.


in Beijing in July, I ran out of the Capital Airport wearing long sleeves and dragging a suitcase, risking being dried by adults.

after submitting my resume on the Internet, an advertising company "appreciated" me and recruited me to Beijing to participate in their Guan Peisheng program.

however, after paying a training fee of several thousand yuan, the HR who was "discerning to recognize talent" directly disappeared.

I didn't look back, pretended I wasn't a part of it, and left.

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but I still stayed in Beijing for two months, just because I don't know who I've heard say that if I want to engage in culture, I have to stay in Beijing.

Yes, it is material poverty.

after leaving Beijing, with my major, I entered a state-owned construction unit.

I feel that they have made their own voice to the world in different ways, and they have also found a sense of existence in the process of spreading the message.

some people say that people grow up three times in their lives.

so half a year after my first career change failed, I decided to go to Guangzhou to try again.

it is precisely because the life of parents is not easy, so they do not want to let their parents see that their life is not easy.

there is a young man who is more open in Guangzhou, saying that out of friendship, he can introduce me to a private advertising company. Although it is not 4A, it is still quite professional.

just consider that the risk of starting a business is too high, and you are embarrassed to refuse the kindness of sending a small message.

girlfriend doesn't understand. I say it's called ritual.

although this suit is a little expensive, I believe

my girlfriend said, you are worthy of an engineering experience.

as a result, not long after I sat down in the office on my first day at work, a new colleague came to me and asked me if I could take off my suit.

I was stupefied for a few seconds and said, I'm sorry, I don't know, I'll pay attention later.

now, when I think about it, that suit is not so much a sense of ceremony as a sense of guilt.


whenever this time, I touch my chin in a meditative way to cover up the embarrassment I don't understand, and then secretly ask Baidu on my mobile phone.

although I successfully entered the business and worked very hard every day, I wrote a lot of advertising copywriting and video screenplays, but the company was poorly managed and suddenly announced its closure a few months later.

that is, I was still working on this year's Christmas poster when I was informed that I didn't have to go to work the next day. My boss packed up and left a week ago.

because I didn't make any decent work, I went to the next advertising company.

I didn't know what "capital winter" meant before.

I went back to Changsha after losing my job for the second time.

I didn't retort. I just said, "Let's do it again."

I couldn't help asking him, "what do you mean?"

in retrospect, there is no need to quarrel with him.

I can't ask everyone to support me, and sometimes it's because I'm willing to tell me the truth.


after the collapse of state-owned enterprises, Beijing and advertising companies, I came to chaos.

he asked me, "then why don't you do it?"

he said "Oh" and told me, "you can write it down."

that afternoon, I told my younger brother:

but this is not a "suggestion", it's just an opinion that I have summed up over the past 365 days.

"maintain the ability to think independently and judge right and wrong at all times."

otherwise it just comes out of the pre-graduation chicken soup and falls into the post-graduation chicken soup.

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