Life advice after oo: don't fall in love online

Life advice after oo: don't fall in love online
The day I left him, I found that the air could be so fresh.

as you can see, the last time I was liked by 10,000 people on social software, he will like me. " "after that, I solicited stories about online love in the message area. As a result, the contribution was received in the knowledge Planet's mailbox the next morning.

when a boy implies that he has a house, a car and a face, don't believe it.

at that time, I was 18 years old and LOL was hot. In the most important promotion, I couldn't help spraying him when I met his teammate who made us 4-6.

maybe my expressive ability is so strong that God can't help it and let me suffer retribution.

he talked to me in a slightly worshipful tone, asking me to play with him intentionally or unintentionally, and whether I ignored him or mocked him, he could talk to me in a gentle tone.

later, I took him to play games many times. Originally, I adhered to the principle of only matching, not ranking, typing but not pronunciation.

that game successfully promoted me to the desired Rank, let him know that I was a girl and began to pursue me.

in the past three months, I got some information from the obscure words he gave me. He is 28 years old, works in Shenzhen, and has a house and a car in Shenzhen.

at that time, my mental activity was like this:

as for handsome, needless to say, for an 18-year-old girl, there are no previous conditions, this one is enough.

and then we fell in love online for five months. Good morning and good afternoon every day. I didn't play.

frankly, I like it.

five months later, when my college entrance examination was over, he gave me a sum of money, 1000 yuan, which was a huge sum of money for me, who had never seen the world in a small town.

as the saying goes, all love dies in the rush.

but when he came to pick me up, he had a pair of slippers, a pair of beach pants, a yellowed, crumpled shirt and a chicken nest head.

although there is a big gap between imagination and reality, I thought about the relationship we established in the past few months, and the dream of playing games in an Internet bar every day, I still held a glimmer of hope and went to his home in Shenzhen with him.

the house has less than half the space of my house. His parents sleep in the bedroom and he sleeps in the cot in the living room.

the hotel is a little old. The boss said one hundred yuan a night, he haggled for a long time, the boss agreed to stay for us for a week, only charge 80 per night.

anyway, the toilet in the hotel is bigger than his, and I've never stayed in a hotel before, and I think it's not bad.

I thought about the basis of our relationship. His good temper was ready to follow, but his face was so acne that I couldn't help it. I couldn't help it. I got up and rushed out to find my boss and opened another room at my own expense.

We had a good time in the next few days. During the day, we played games all day in Internet cafes, ordered takeout for dinner, and then went to bed at night.

once again, he was "bleeding" and took me to the beach. I was so moved that I wanted to follow him at night. From then on, the afternoon he was with him forever, he was called to work by his boss.

while chatting, the network administrator suddenly said, "by the way, what did his daughter call you?"

the network administrator is obviously not a best friend with him, revealing all his family background, the house he rented in Shenzhen, the logistics driver, and, crucially, a 5-year-old child!

I was so scared that I hurried back to the hotel, packing up my things and booking tickets home online. It was not until Alipay reminded me that the balance was insufficient, that I remembered to stay, eat, sleep and surf the Internet these days. The "small money" he asked me to pay for various reasons has squandered almost the money I took to my parents on the grounds of traveling with my friends.

after receiving some money from my friend, I finally got on the train home and burst into tears.

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