Li Yong's hair is comparable to full face surgery! How many years have you been fooled by your hair?

Li Yong's hair is comparable to full face surgery! How many years have you been fooled by your hair?
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while attending an activity last year, Li Yong gave everyone a surprise.

Prisoner Phoenix, which has just been broadcast recently, has really done a lot in terms of hairstyle destruction. Even if handsome men and beautiful women starred and adapted popular novels, it could not save the aesthetic of the show.

is not only "sewing machine head", the hairstyle in this show brings together all kinds of grotesque shapes, which are obviously handsome men and beautiful women, but they can only bow in front of such hairstyles.

then the question arises: long hair or short hair? Bangs or forehead? Back or inch? Refreshing ponytail or French roll?

there are many good-looking girls, but it is rare to see people who are good-looking and interesting, like the younger sister of slot value.

"classmate, can you do this problem?"

"should I use the substitution method?" I continued to ask.

"I think there are two solutions." I scratched my head.

"I know the witch who knows Fourier transform." I coughed.

"it's hanging on the wall of Tiananmen Square. I'll show you." I threw the calculus on the ground and pulled out my bulging wallet.


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but she is not a wretched girl full of small trains. Driving is just a sideline. She can not only sort out complicated emotional gossip, but also complain sharply about the cold world with a sharp attitude.

about Education , she once said: "it took 985,211 to know that the theory of the uselessness of studying is a lie." A college diploma does not guarantee that people will stand at the top, but it will keep most people from falling to the bottom. Those who say it is "useless" just stay above the trough all the time, but this is by no means the same as the absence of a "trough". Knowledge affects the horizon, the vision determines the pattern, and the pattern affects one's life.

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