Later, we failed.

Later, we failed.
"if the ex is really the answer, why stay with the present?"

in a wave of emotion, I watched Douban's score drop from 6.8 to 6.1.

so when you talk about how deeply moved by this movie, I may have to say some real feelings.

"We later" made the announcement of four episodes--

there is nothing I can do to kill such memories, because I also like Eason Chan, Tian Fuzhen, May Day.

in addition, there are long college tours, various hot topics occupied every day, and promotional posters of lines like PPT.

after such a thing has been "successful", people in the future always seem to think that once the script is insufficient, it can be made up with publicity.

2. You can never speak well.

instead of constantly piling up with hypocritical lines like "later us".

Lin Jianqing said, "if you hadn't left at that time, what would have happened to us later?" Xiao Xiao said, "if you had followed me at that time, I would have stayed with you for a lifetime."

I looked at the staff table and saw the names of Zhang Yibai and Zhang Jiajia.

I'm still thinking about it. In Ferry Man, angelababy says, "strong> have you ever fought for anyone else in your life?"


3. Stop talking about exes. Okay, I'm begging you.

some people say that the ex is really a cash cow, and the speech is not bad at all, as can be seen from the "first three."

two people who broke up for many years met on the plane, which happened to be caught in a blizzard and couldn't go back.

from the hotel to the riverbank, I decided to drive back to my hometown and continue to chat in the car.

because I can't put in a "nostalgia for my ex" at all.

he lived in the same room with his ex.

when talking about the emotional place on the river bank, Lin Jianqing ran to the hotel room holding Xiaoxiao's hand. (. No, no, no. What are they going to do back to their room if they are not interrupted by friends on the way?

Xiaoxiao said, "I have always loved you," and Lin Jianqing burst into tears and hugged each other.

after watching all this, I was amazed that you almost think that the incumbent is dead, don't you?

imagine, when all this happens, when you miss your youth and cry bitterly, how does the wife with children at home feel?

I don't know why, now those top-grossing movies have formed such a trend that the ex is always the true love and the present is making do with it.

if the ex is really the answer, then why stay with the current one?

4, there are two things that move me the most, both of which have nothing to do with love.

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one is that the father, who is alone in his hometown (played by Tian Zhuangzhuang), calls the male host every time he doesn't use the TV remote control.

later, the man got rich and bought a new TV for his father. His father was afraid of "making mistakes", so he said, "I'd better not learn."

"in fact, no matter who you end up with, your parents just want you to have a good time. It's too hard to live up to your life. It's enough to live up to each other.

at the end of the movie, I cried when I heard "later".

it seems that what is described in the movie is not our past, but "later".

the pre-sale alone had already exceeded 100 million before the release of "the later us".

I am also part of the pre-order. I bought the movie tickets a day earlier.

but you know, not everyone has to pay for feelings.

if you sell your feelings too much, you will die one day.

Hello, everyone. I'm the eel whale.

I also wrote another story about "later", "later us" and "later us" a few days ago. Interested readers can reply to "later us" in the background of "eel whale sea" to get the article.

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