Keeping a pet is like falling in love.

Keeping a pet is like falling in love.
Spend your whole life trying to understand you.

all of a sudden, the national hobby has turned into sucking cats and dogs, and memes have been occupied by them.

you really can't imagine those little guys and how fascinating the fantasies they bring.

for a while, the group was full of Taobao links to cat litter, cat cage and cat rice bowls.

until the last night, I walked into a closing pet store on the East side, where the cat was still aloof and ignored me with drooping legs.

he just woke up, half-squinted, shook his head at me and shook his snow-white tail.

"that day, a strange heart at home gently shook its tail and shook out a child's dream."

"to make my lover smile and make my friend happy, this is what I thought when you finished your mission."

"Wang." He cried, too.

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it's just that keeping a pet is the same as falling in love, which really values fate.

when he arrived, everyone named him Cookie, saying that his owner would sound rich.

when he went to Japan, Brother long bought two large packets of grinding sticks for him as a snack.

A Lai, who claims to be his girlfriend, wants to go to our house to date with him every now and then, even offering to help us clean the room.

when he walks to the door every day, before the key in his hand is fully locked, he can be heard cheering crazily through the door. As soon as you enter the door, he is like a top, circling you crazily.

then quietly follow you, get in as soon as you close the door, and then sit by the toilet and start looking around.

so even today, they still feel that the owner who goes to the toilet is the most vulnerable and must be well protected.

he came to my bedside and looked up at me. I was not in the mood to talk to him and pinned my head to one side.

stood on it and looked around for a long time, then plucked up his courage and jumped into the chair next to him.

I was stupefied, and he came over again, sat down and licked my hand with his tongue, as if to say, "Pop, I'm so hungry, can you stop being sad and get me something to eat?"

after careful calculation, the little guy at his feet is seven months old.

but if you live with him for a long time, you will find that pets cause people no less trouble at all.

at that time, my colleague also said that dogs are resistant to hunger and satiety, and it is okay to be hungry all day.

the two men jumped there in a hurry, thinking that he had some terminal illness. Later, when they asked a friend, they knew that the puppy, unlike an adult dog, was not well developed and was particularly prone to hypoglycemia.

once I went back from the outside, as soon as I opened the door, I found that the ground was covered with blood and sundries, and the trash can was lying askew on the ground, almost like a murder scene.

and the most annoying thing is to defecate and defecate everywhere all the time. It is clear that there is only so little room for activities at home, but it has been taught 800 times, but can not find an accurate place to solve the internal emergency.

the most common sentence I hear in the office is: I have come to pick up shit in the summer.

to tell you the truth, there are ten thousand thoughts about punching his dog in the head every day.

even if you like him again, those troubles will not become lovable things.

I nodded crazily in front of the screen.

think of human beings and human beings, speaking the same language and living in the same way, still have conflicts over big things when dealing with intimate relationships.

unlike cats, dogs have the same concept of "toilet" as humans. He peed to make a mark, and if you beat him up, he might wonder: "is it because this mark doesn't make a love for you?" Ok, try to pee your heart next time. "

program Ning Wei said that he had taken over a Border Collie, and every time he went outside and untied the rope, he would start to look around and eat all the feces he could see.

this behavior is shocking.

later, it took Ning Wei a long time to use ham sausage as a "positive training" method, so that he finally got rid of this habit.

"stool is an error. "

this is not an isolated case.

it's really like the demon Yang Yongxin's electric shock to cure Internet addiction.

is also the result of not treating a person as a person or a dog as a dog.

fifteen years is enough for a child to grow up and to have a child under his knee.

and in this life together, he will make you laugh, but at the same time, he is bound to bring you all kinds of unhappiness.

instead of using it as a toy for three or two days, and a tool for collecting likes in moments.

say more.

its main purpose is not to find debaters, but to allow all kinds of "special people" to tell their own unique experiences and stories on the stage. Therefore, in terms of the momentum and state of values output, it must not be as good as the debaters of the first season.

but in my opinion, the collision and conflict of views is exciting, but the story of "special human" can often bring people into new areas and let people know more about the unknown world.

finally, really Amway will have this season's "weird convention".

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