Keep your distance from everything you like.

Keep your distance from everything you like.
"like" is the laziest verb.

I watched her mood rise suddenly and smiled and said yes, first, because I really needed to relax, and second, I suddenly remembered that I had such a flag that I could take the opportunity to test.

"keep your distance from what you like."

since the two of us often appeared there, and we found out each other's stars by the way, we naturally walked to the women's clothing store where both of us used to visit.

the half-folded black leather coat looks good on the top, and it just leaves my size, and I don't have that type of clothes, and I just finished the exam and I have a reason to reward myself.

in the past, I would have checked out and brought it home in less than a minute when I looked at it in the mirror.

in this sense, I am a very suitable person to go shopping together. I will never go home empty-handed and give the excitement of real consumption to the people around me.

in the fitting room, I asked myself a question, "does my love for it stem from the obsession that I have to buy something?"

this abnormal idea is not easy to find when they are similar to each other, just like a group of children eating around a table, everyone's eyes burning to take the things on the table into their arms.

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not long ago, on a trip with a friend, she looked at my overweight suitcase and said helplessly, "Why should I buy so many?"

at that moment I felt like a nouveau riche controlled by consumer desire.

A gentle remark seemed to debunk me, and that's when I realized that my seemingly straightforward spending habits were essentially derived from "wanting to possess."

clothes are bought one by one and piled in the corner; after booking the air tickets and hotels for the trip, there is no real feeling; even after tasting the dishes served in the high-end restaurants that I rarely go to, I feel that this is not the case.

instead, what makes me aware of happiness is the things I usually insist on keeping my distance:

things that are of no use in maintaining decency have become what I like now.

if you use the Engel coefficient, that is, the money spent on food as a percentage of total expenditure, my index is now close to 100%, which in Engel's eyes is real poverty.

recently I read an article in which a master's degree in Peking University recorded his delivery experience, in which he said this when he talked about why he made such a choice.

I'm used to making myself decent by pursuing things that don't belong to me, but I let time tear off the fig leaf every time, which makes my life full of ironic repetition. "

it blindfolds you, takes the pen from your hand, fills the gap in your mind, raises the heavyweight of the word "like" and makes you think that liking and owning something can be the whole meaning of life.

who we are, what we are doing, and what we want to do, are far from the point of taking out our wallets and talking about "like" before asking ourselves for answers to these questions.

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