Keep changing boyfriends.

Keep changing boyfriends.
You have someone you like again.

it is visible to the naked eye with ambiguous breath.

I guess she will fall in love again soon.

"short time and high frequency" is Liu Bai's love mode.

because of the quick breakup, friends naturally define Liu Bai's predecessors as scum men. It is said that if you meet a scumbag once, you will learn to be smart and be more careful next time.

when she thought of the boys, she smiled bitterly and said:

people who have been scum actually dislike themselves and blame themselves.

in fact, every breakup is made by Liu Bai.

this time the "good man" read the songs shared by Liu Bai in moments, appeared in time when she couldn't sleep, chatted with her until dawn, and they were together for a week.

but more than 20 days later, Liu Bai broke up.

when they came out in the milk tea shop that day, the boy's shoelace fell off. Liu Bai subconsciously squatted down to tie him up, and the boy immediately took a big step back.

Liu Bai said, "Let's still be friends."

"well, he doesn't like me much either." Liu Bai's words plugged all my comforting words back into my throat.

she: "maybe I have a little inferiority complex. I would think that I am not worthy to tie your shoes ".

but in fact, some people never think they are likeable, they don't even like themselves that much.

once the teacher assigned an assignment that needed to be done with a computer. Liu Bai raised his hand and said he didn't have a computer at home.

but the teacher said, "then you don't have to do it."

similar things have happened many times. The character that is not so confident will be extended to love accordingly.

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she seemed to forget that the other person had traveled more than a hundred kilometers to her side. In some trivial "do not care" occurs, immediately eliminate each other's efforts, magnify those moments that do not care.

so at the end of every relationship, they habitually describe each other as scum.

later I pushed a song for Liu Bai.

the kind of girl in the song, no matter how many times she falls in love, she will still tell herself, it doesn't matter, do it again.

"whoever I meet, I can be Miss Happiness."

she said, 'can I just scare off like this? there will be no next time' is really like her.

but always in love, but also in failure, love experience will not be accumulated, can only become a knot.

No matter how many times they try to fall in love, it can only be a vicious circle.

I think feelings should be "unique".

be with this person.

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