Just do what you like to do.

Just do what you like to do.
Sometimes, we have to do what we like, but what we should do is the responsibility we should bear in the first place.

because it was the head of a department in the school, a younger brother asked me some questions about what to do in the future. Blabla blew a lot of water at that time. He nodded while listening to it, and he was a little excited.

I am the one who beat the chicken blood for others.

"just do what you like. If you stick to it, you can always earn money to support yourself." "

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because people tend to prefer slogan enthusiasm to responsibility.

two things happened to me the other day, and I'd like to talk about them together.

after I posted some new postings on WeChat moments, he talked about me privately.

me: well, I'm just lucky. (I deleted and wrote this reply for three minutes.)

me: the company's ha, not mine. He: don't be modest.

the second thing concerns customers.

at that time, I did not reply to his specific solution and asked him to consult the customer service.

first of all, it is handed over to customer service because customer service will help users analyze the causes of clothing damage, such as process problems in the factory itself, such as breakage and friction during transportation. For example, there is something wrong with our design itself.

my attitude is that if there are any quality problems, we can give our solution.

what others generally see is your achievement, that is, more successes or more failures.

what we should be more aware of is the responsibilities we must shoulder.

I have to look more successful instead of because my friends think I'm "successful".


the consequence of measuring yourself by one result all the time is that you are very easy to fall into one gap after another.

"No"then I'm an idiot."

the correct mindset is:

"it feels okay, go ahead. "

if you think so, in fact, it doesn't matter whether you like it or not, because achieving your steady progress over and over again will make people full and happy.

Oh, by the way, today's tweet was supposed to talk to you about our last activity at the end of the year, but I wanted to chat with you, so there was a lot of stuff on it.

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