I've wanted to say that for a long time.

I've wanted to say that for a long time.
Record a conversation in the Winter Solstice.

I am different. Yesterday afternoon, I accompanied my girlfriend to Songshan Lake, and then divided into two ways. She talked to Tong C about girls' topics, and I found the teacher who taught me "basic writing" in college to catch up.

she asked me, "Why don't you write the questions assigned by the teacher?"

I was confused, so I said, "disorganized," in an extremely low volume and at a very fast speed. "

I answered "yes" and sat down quickly.

now, of course, it is insignificant, but it was of great significance to me at that time. It was the first time I found out: "what I do will really be recognized by others."

I had an appointment with the teacher for two o'clock in the afternoon, but I actually got to the school gate at 01:00.

so I walked aimlessly in the Songshan Lake campus where I had lived for three years. Although the shops on the street were no longer the stalls I had eaten and drank in those years, I still remember the stories in those restaurants. There was the scene of my first meeting with my brothers and sisters, and there was also a vague mirror image of the topic selection meeting held there.

I replied, "Don't worry."

it's like putting your hands in your head and breaking up seemingly unimportant moments and conversations so that you can re-examine the details and pick up one or two pieces of debris that you didn't want to leave before. to fill the moment.

for example: "Why do so many people have to take Putonghua /CET-4 when they don't need that certificate?"what's the point of student organization?", "is it worth a visit to today's model workers?"

so I often encourage others to recall who they were in the past, not to move themselves, but to find meaning in the meaningless.

01:50, I sent a message to the teacher: "teacher, I'm downstairs."

when the elevator opens again, I hear the barking of the dog the teacher adopted years ago.

the teacher hugged the dog and said in a gentle tone of voice to the dog, "he is old, so he is more wanton."

I'll just say black tea.

formally sat down and talked a lot, but of course it was impossible to repeat all of them, so I only shared what I thought might be useful to you:

I talked about this point because I told my teacher that after my junior year, I basically ran out, and I felt that I had enjoyed my college life for one year less.

2. The reason why people often give up halfway is not because of setbacks, but because there are too many temptations.

I answered: "Yes, I was seduced at first, then woke up, then regretted, and then secretly gave up."

3. The direction of entrepreneurship and innovation encouraged by the school is pinched by some teachers themselves, which is simply not needed by the market.

College students do not have much judgment, and it is easy to follow those so-called "high-end" students, but in fact, it will not be valuable for their workplace or for their real entrepreneurship afterwards. Of course, I just evaluate what I have seen, which may not be representative.

4. Just graduated, it's easy to succumb to people who are better than you, but remember to be independent, or you'll get messed up.

in the end, I did make something, but after I started my business, I was confused. I didn't know how to run the company, so for a long time, I just listened to the advice of investors /partners.

the teacher replied: "to be lost is to succumb to what you don't agree with, but yearn for, it may be wealth, fame, or even attitude." But in the end, all you have to do is to be yourself. "

I said, OK.

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you will find that this article is actually a stream of consciousness. It seems to be talking about something, but it seems to be very erratic. Talk about the past, talk about what I saw, and share what I think may be useful.

I asked her, "in my fourth year of writing, I am obviously aware that I am thinking less about writing, often thinking about how to achieve higher business value."

maybe you don't have the ability to do it well now, but you need to keep doing it all the time. "

I want to tell you "meaningless and meaningful". I also want to describe what a teacher who really cares about his students looks like, and I want to give you some inspiration through some dialogue.

good night.