"I've had enough."

"I've had enough."
There are too many "enough" moments.

my girlfriend secretly went through my mobile phone while I was in the shower, and she knew which APP she raped me as soon as she opened the program record.

roommates are watching variety shows again. Five computers mix the four languages together, and as long as someone suddenly laughs, laughter through the eardrum can magically cover the external sound.

when I can leave on time after work, my colleague next door has a "very urgent" need.

when I got home, I found that the complete set of comics I had saved so hard when I was studying was missing. After careful examination, the children who learned that they were relatives liked to take them away.

when taking a group photo, let me stand in the front, snuggle up behind me, and pull up my hair to cover half of my face.

in normal times, there are still many "enough" moments.

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for this reason, we have specially customized a [I've had enough] trash can , so that you can say out loud into the trash can what you usually want to complain but can't say for various reasons.

you can tell us to be anonymous, or you can just take off the burden and openly name the moments of diss that upset you.

I hope you can tell me all this and get a good night's sleep.

author /Li Xiaohuan

"how can someone who disappoints you let you down only once? "

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