It's time to give life some color to see.

It's time to give life some color to see.
Some of the treasures around me, boys and girls.

and I felt that my life was really dark because I had been down for several days because of the comprehensive test scores that I couldn't bear to look directly at.

for some reason, they all showed surprisingly consistent optimism when asked such a slightly philosophical question.

as for my depression, my mother suggested me to dance with her, while my brother wanted me to help him with his homework and get a sense of achievement.

on the third day of my sighing, my inconspicuous friend dragged me to the nail salon to accompany her to do her nails.

she looked at me like a fool and said, " there is no color in life, otherwise why would I come to color my nails?"

"give life some color to see."

my cousin works in a Japanese company. He has a rigid dress code, including suits, trousers and white shirts.

sitting next to me, he vomited a lot of bitterness with me-the rigorous and pragmatic corporate culture of Japanese companies is suffocating, and his colleagues are like perpetual motion machines in cubicles, just like that day, when he left, it was already 8 p.m., the office was still full, and some people made coffee and planned to have a big fight.

however, it never occurred to me that he, who looked so professional and experienced, had a pair of orange socks under his trousers, which I inadvertently glimpsed when I was tying my shoelaces.

so when he saw the group of socks with different colors seven days a week on the Internet, he immediately placed an order, and for this reason he bought longer trousers to protect them more tightly. On the day I wore it to work for the first time, I didn't know why, I always had a secret joy of mischievous success in my heart, I couldn't hide the smile around my mouth, and I worked very hard.

"coax the child, sometimes just give some color."

maybe the hospital funding is not so adequate, even the pediatric walls are pale white, without a giraffe background height ruler, nor any cartoon decoration. Many parents have complained that their children are fine outside and start crying as soon as they come in.

now he feels horrified when he sees something pure white. When he wakes up in his room in the morning and sees the white wall opposite the bed, he will suddenly think that he is lying in the hospital, so he has to buy barrel wall paint and paint the wall navy.

the little boy had asthma and had to be hospitalized for observation for a few days, but he didn't bring the cars and building blocks he usually played with. When he went, he happened to refuse to take medicine, and there was a tendency to cry. His mother took out a bag of rainbow candy from her bag and played with it on the table. The little boy curiously leaned over to have a look-- red "car body", yellow "car window", brown "tire" … Slowly, the colorful jelly beans formed a delicate car.

the little boy seemed to be very comfortable with this move. He suddenly held back his tears, then swallowed several large capsules in front of Ah Hao, and opened his eyes wide, as if to prove that he was obedient and sensible.

they love life from the bottom of their heart.

Fa Xiao, who has just graduated, has just moved into the unit's dormitory. It happened to be Monday. We met at her place after work and planned to go shopping nearby.

three girls are huddled together in a small staff dormitory, reversing the pace of life day and night. It has nothing to do with the so-called petty bourgeoisie, sentiment and attitude towards life, but the conversation with her that day showed me the different color of the cramped and old room.

as an art student, she is very particular about color matching, mixing bean curd with green onions, putting a few peas and red kidney beans on the edge of the plate, and even the most common egg fried rice has to draw a big smiley face with ketchup. No matter what kind of food, after her hands must be colorful, sometimes the food really does not sell well, she will also cut a few pieces of fruit of different colors to decorate.

this insists that, in a way, the rustic, frustrated and mediocre life imposed on her has been eliminated. What's the reality? maybe it's not that important anymore.

but I think she has found it, and every corner of her small territory of less than three square meters is proving it.

maybe they realized earlier that life doesn't get worse at some point, but that it is colorless and even gray because of some interests.

my cousin's rainbow heart hidden under a black-and-white suit, the alternating taste of bitter pills and colored candy, the mottled light and shadow reflected on the wall by the tapestry. Their beauty lies not in themselves, but in the vitality that colorful colors bring to ordinary life.

and we adults who play games with boring life every day have long passed the time of waiting for others to create happiness for ourselves, so we can only steal our leisure and work on small details.

maybe life will inevitably be dull, but the colorful colors brought by this "cross-dimensional combination" of "acting cute" together are always accompanied, which is enough to resist the boring reality and bring more wonderful.

add some color to life and it will be all right.

because our self-protection mechanism always pops up safety advice in difficult times, such as getting a manicure or eating a candy bar.

this sentence will not favor anyone, nor will it exclude anyone.

Music | My deep heart-Robert Bonfiglio

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