It's okay to cry.

It's okay to cry.
Don't be afraid, we're all here.

my answer would be: three people.

on May 16th, we put the offline interactive device of "temporary crying point" into a grand public welfare event: 2019 Internet Public Welfare Summit.

the following is an excerpt from the relevant official report:

the main founder of Tencent, founder and honorary chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation Chen Yidan delivered the opening speech.

Professor of National School of Development, Peking University Zhou Qiren , Sequoia Capital Global Managing partner Shen Nanpeng, Humanities and Financial Observer Qin Shuo, founder of Yao Fund Yao Ming , WFP Global Assistant Executive Director Ute Klamert , and other invited guests to participate. The mystery of u200d

lies in its few publicity channels and its coverage is only targeted at specific groups of people; the threshold is that it announces a large amount of donations, which ordinary people just feel beyond their own reach.

1, narrow the distance between life and public welfare.

Ms. Chen Xiaonan, a well-known host, describes it like this:

2, bring ordinary people closer to public welfare.

giving charity is not only about donating cash or checks, but also about actually taking part in the process. Time is a person's most precious resource, if all can give practical dedication to the public welfare, everyone public welfare can go long-term.

it is at such a public welfare event full of celebrities that some stories have happened between the disorganized "temporary crying points" and formal participants, and the following three are the ones I remember most.

the first place is a middle-aged elder brother.

for at least 30 minutes, he neither played with his cell phone nor talked to anyone else, but stared blankly at the display wall of the "temporary crying spot" and muttered to himself.

the activity is allowed to take pictures, but he put down the phone without clicking the button in the middle of the screen.

"A son can cry to his wife, his wife can cry to me, and who can I cry to? it seems that it is useless to cry."

when I left the table and finally glanced at him, he raised his phone again. I don't know if he clicked the button in the middle of the screen.


I noticed her because she stayed in our booth for a long time and carefully took pictures and experienced each interactive device.

in detail, this reader is a little special.



this responsible person is different from the last reader. His excitement is a bit like a bosom friend meeting. During the whole communication process, we shook hands three times.

the second handshake was to introduce the source of the idea. He drank a pot of wine, shook my hand excitedly and said, "your team has a good idea, really good!"

I remember deeply one of the words I talked to him.

"knowing but not aware" means knowing negative emotions, but not attaching importance to them;

"knowing but being powerless" is limited to the environment, conditions and emotions of the parties, and there is no strength to come out.


because to some extent, I feel that the three friends I met at the event are like the three stages of facing negative emotions: closed, self-crossing, and self-ferrying.

Big Brother's entanglement is that he wants to do something, just as he picks up his phone and wants to leave something that touches him.

what if it touches me?

who understands my helplessness?

A sense of powerlessness rises from the bottom of my heart.

since I don't know "what can be done" and "what's the use" after doing it, I finally choose the negative "nothing" and stay in this cage.

the reader said: crying for adults is a luxury.

We have been taught since childhood: crying is the weak, and strong and mature people do not cry.

she recognized the situation and wanted to break it:

Why when we grow up, we cry so carefully that even the space to express our emotions is squeezed.

this group of warriors, represented by "she", are trying to extricate themselves from negative emotions with their own strength. They dare to touch its edge, dare to challenge it, dare to break the cage of negative emotions.

sponsors of public welfare activities, responsible persons, brand participants, media people, including us, and other friends who are involved in various industries, all belong to these people.

We are physically helping those in need, presenting content in words and cartoons to carry out landing activities.

put on show? Self-excited? fish for fame? Of being insincerely polite?

even so, we never give up because we firmly believe it is the right thing to do.

the first "five years" has proved that it can accomplish "something".

in our lives, we often encounter unpleasant things, but how many times can we really accept these unpleasant emotions? Most of the time, we just suppress it by force, or even use anger to cover up negativity.


We once said in want to be your temporary crying point:

but because of daily life /city /our family, the tolerance of negativity is too low.

messy, lucky to be trusted and lucky to have the ability to store readers' negativity.

if your organization or organization is interested in our activities, please contact us.

in addition, we want to collect some stories about negative emotions, whether in the continuous tense or in the past tense, you can talk to us in the comments section.

Don't be afraid, we're all here.

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