It's not easy to be a childish boy.

It's not easy to be a childish boy.
I know it's hard to agree with this point of view, but please read on.

on the night of the release of the National College entrance examination (Taiwan College entrance examination), he called Shen Jiayi for seven hours, and it was written in the confession:

in his view, "marrying you" is an age-inappropriate mantra.

but just when Shen Jiayi was ready to tell him the answer, because of his "unreasonable stubbornness and pride", the six-year-old "I like you" continued to serve as the beginning of college.

after going to college, Nine Dao began to do two things: one is to continue to like Shen Jiayi, and the other is to start the Nine knife Cup Free fight Competition.

he is so naive that he completely missed his life with Shen Jiayi because of this free fight.

later, Nine Dao mentioned in a speech at Peking University: "I really think that the cruelest part of growing up is that girls always have to be more mature than boys of the same age." no boy can resist. However, this growth is irreversible, once we lose the kind of soul and flame that simply want to make you happy, then we are pretending, all pretending. Boys will grow up one day. I really hope you can appreciate the childish souls of boys more. "

so the childish he finally admitted that he was overwhelmed.

he was very confused and didn't know what kind of person he was going to be in the future, so he hid in the audio-visual center and library every day to read comics, miscellaneous books and all kinds of movies. Perhaps like most college students today, when faced with the choice of "fighting in society" and "hiding in the ivory tower in the name of graduate students", Nine Dao chose the latter in 1999.

because he read too many miscellaneous books, he successfully passed the written examination of the Institute of Sociology of Tsinghua University.

he wrote on the first page of the novel:

the professor interviewed asked him, "Mr. Ke, are you serious about handing in these pages of novels?"

so he failed.

so a person who has never experienced writing training falls in love with writing novels. When I was a child, I watched "Astro Boy" and "Slam Dunk" and "Real" by Yoshihiko Inoue. At the moment he began to write, those separate mirrors and action pictures were all turned into words and spurted out on the computer screen.

with every attempt, he will devote all his energy and time to it.

since the first year of junior high school, he has always liked Shen Jiayi from his sophomore year and failed.

but it was the arrogance and childishness that spread in his bones that made him a person who "decided that he would go all out." it was only when his mother was sick and desperately needed money that he was able to write 14 novels in 14 months. become the best-selling novel writer in Taiwan.

I was very happy at that time. The publishers who had published many of my best-selling novels for a long time called me and asked me if you needed to advance royalties to tide over the difficulties with nine knives. I said of course I need money, but ah, I don't need an advance on royalties. From now on, as long as you publish every book you write, you will publish it next month. Don't put me off for a year and a half or even two years. I'll write it right away, and you will publish it to me next month, and then immediately give me a check that can be exchanged for cash on the same day. In this way, it can help me tide over the difficulties.

there is a sentence in "Slam Dunk": "playing basketball is very happy, but winning can increase the happiness a hundredfold."

"drawing cartoons", "chasing girls" and "writing novels" are collectively referred to by him as "opening gifts". They are only gifts opened the first two times, with a note saying "go eat poop" inside.

and the fourth gift is the movie "the Girls we chased together" mentioned at the beginning of the article.

but it was such a rabble that won the top spot at the box office in Taiwan at that time; when it was released in Hong Kong, it broke all records for all Taiwanese films in Hong Kong; at the same time, it grossed 75 million yuan at the box office when it was released on the mainland the following year.

before the release of "those years", no movie focused on "vigorous pursuit of failure", but a secret love has a 50% chance of failure.

in my opinion, the best place is not in the shooting techniques, nor does it care about the arrangement of the bridge, but in the classroom they used to be in, the uniforms they wore, and the people they liked.

how can a person who is not naive, who has lost the soul and flame that simply wants to make you happy, think of using this way to catch up with a loved one for a fictional eight years in the vanished past?

at the end of that speech, he brought out Yuhiko Inoue's "Real". The protagonist of the cartoon has three lines:

so now, he can only live well.

I don't know how to connect with my goal now.

will be connected one day.

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I can't tell you "it doesn't matter", because I've been through that kind of time, and comfort like "it doesn't matter" doesn't help much except to make myself laugh bitterly.

because of maturity, it's not a weapon, it's just an umbrella to make us look less vulnerable.

but all this, we still need to water the sweat on our forehead and exchange the scars left for it.

instead of laughing after victory.

author Yukihiko Inoue