It's hard to make friends in the future.

It's hard to make friends in the future.
What I don't want to admit is that this feeling seems to grow with age.

always feel that people are cared about more or less.

it's hypocritical to say that no one cares.

my best friend is not with me.

these two feelings are woven together and become--

and what makes me reluctant to admit is


witnessed too many people slipping out of their lives.

I had a very good friend at that time.

when we were in a bad mood, we were all on call.

one night in our junior year, we chatted around the gym.

I smiled and said, "I don't know if we are still in touch after graduation."

I don't think so.

supporting a family or something, or living in a different state.

in fact, there was something wrong with myself at that time.

so I keep reminding myself,


before dealing with everyone, he envisioned what it would look like to leave.

until after graduation, I found that there is no such thing as "the worst" in the world.

I say that I have very few contacts now, and

life is so monotonous that I vaguely feel that

that friend who has been working for more than a year suddenly laments:

just look at this sentence. It's really hypocritical.

he said this sentence not to show his loneliness, the fact that



it's just that those friends in life are too far away from them.

We still have contact with each other, but not much.

my best friend went to Xiamen University.

We gang up to maintain our relationship.

these friends are far away. When faced with many things,

is like the person who graduated a year ago,

so I think, when he said, "I have no friends",

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"at the moment." There is no one around me to rely on. "

I've talked to a lot of people about growing up without friends.

so much so that I almost want to write it down,

, but when I finish writing, I always feel that something is wrong.

although we just met, we had a good time.

watching him play ukulele and sing,

at that moment I thought we were friends.

does it mean that we have more and more things to bear?

can help us bear these things.

such as confusion at work bottleneck,

so I hope to have such a "friend" to rely on.

after the age of 20, there are more and more things we need to take care of ourselves.

and those who have to carry their own life, will not always be difficult.

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