It's bound to happen when you travel with your girlfriend.

It's bound to happen when you travel with your girlfriend.

she had to go to the dance tea ceremony (yes, that old brand) to buy pearl milk tea before she died, and I kept telling her, "so we can't get to our destination by two o'clock."

when faced with pearl milk tea, girls seem to be unreasonable.

I clenched the steering wheel and secretly said out of the window, "it's your fault."

traveling with her girlfriend is like going out with a mentally handicapped. She, who can change water with one hand, suddenly can't carry a bag containing several clothes. She, who is usually noisy outside, suddenly can't talk in front of any of the hotel service staff.

I walked to the bedside, opened the curtains with a "wow" and said to the forest and the hot spring, "not bad."

I said, "come as soon as you pay."

soaking in hot springs is not allowed to wear makeup.

wearing makeup, as soon as the steam from the hot spring is on the face, the makeup melts. Without makeup, if you meet a younger and more beautiful girl, you will be beaten by others all of a sudden.

these eyes contain dozens of spiritual games.

his girlfriend: "she took off her makeup!"

me: "this girl, it's hard enough."

Searching for reasonably priced goth prom dresses which glorifies you? Always our pleasure to see you getting your desired garments.

me: "you can see that it is a period of love, and two people wear fart makeup."

his girlfriend looked at him and said, "am I beautiful or is she beautiful?"


so after several rounds, no one looked at each other again and went on with their respective topics.

where did I go? I don't know. All I know is that the boyfriends have worked hard.

I have a button called "girlfriend is angry again"

Zhang Nan