It's actually easy to be a couple for five years, no wonder.

It's actually easy to be a couple for five years, no wonder.
Don't get me wrong, the author's picture is just to be more responsive to the situation.

this reminds me of the first phone call we made that night five years ago after confirming the relationship.

"mm-hmm." She answered.

to be honest, I've forgotten what we talked about that night. I just remember how the call ended.

she asked, "what's the matter?"

she hung up on me before I finished.

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We decided to be together the summer after the college entrance examination, so we went to different schools before we got tired of it for three months.

my good friend, I fell in love with my college classmates for the first time.

it's not that he doesn't like his girlfriend, it's just that he's really tired of it and doesn't know how to propose it if he wants some private time. In the end, the relationship lasted for two semesters, and they said each other was wrong with each other in the milk tea shop. the man said that the woman was too clingy, and the woman said the man was too cold to end happily.

"you don't know anything," he looked at me with hatred. "at first, everyone thought it was okay to eat all three meals together, and within a month, everyone would break away from their original friends. So if I suddenly decide not to eat with her, who can she eat with? Girls are not so careless. "

so fortunately, the different school reduced the time I spent with her, and we were able to spend our first year following the good wishes of "a little goodbye is better than a new love".

the second year is the first difficulty we face.

and one year is enough to tear off all the masks of a person. Your selfishness, grumpiness, paranoia and desire for control will be exposed in all kinds of details of getting along with each other.

all I remember is that it was on my school football field, and she cried to me and said, "I come to you every time. When did you come to me?" Did you know that every time I shake your old 22, I feel sick? You will only use a bunch of excuses to say that it is inconvenient for you to come to me. "

so when her tears ran into the corners of her mouth, I raised my voice: "isn't it too much for you to blame everything on my selfishness now when we made the decision together?"

she stopped sobbing and uttered the word "break up" to me word by word.

the air between us dropped below zero as if everything had stopped.

but slowly, the arrow of "as for me" began to point at me.

so after smoking a lot of big mouths from the bottom of my heart, I grabbed her as she walked out of the school gate and said under the tree, "Sorry, I was wrong."

I took her hand, and her hands were wet with fresh tears.

I know what kind of person she is, so I understand the weight of that sentence.

as for what "reward" is, it is the subject of another article.

this kind of relationship is not blindly backing down, but knowing each other's bottom line, knowing what they really think, not by being suspicious of each other, but by being honest about what they need.

in a long-term relationship, what I fear most is not the other person's sudden dislike of himself, but the change of their social identity. For example, we have changed from a free college student to a social person who needs to find a job and pay for his family's living expenses.

this will create a very embarrassing situation. She is busy working in the company every day, while I live a leisurely life at school.

the result is that we suddenly enter two completely different rhythms of life.

I remember that we often quarreled at that stage. I thought she had no prospects for a job and always wanted her to quit, while she felt that chaos had prospects, but it also had its own risks. so she wants to be stable.

I believe she is more ambitious, but she needs to look for opportunities on her own.

this is what a couple who have been talking about for three or four years will consider.

of course we know that all difficulties can be overcome as long as we love enough.

so how did we get through the third year?

We agreed that as long as one party really thought he could not hold on, it would be easy to get together and break up.


because my weekend belongs to my girlfriend, no one can interfere.

this question may be asked by a classmate in high school, or it may be a question deliberately raised by the families of both sides at different times.

but family pressure is not so easy to resist. They will beat around the bush and exert pressure as "experienced people".

before graduation, it is "I like it".

fortunately, she and I are both independent-minded people, so on this issue, we have long agreed: "not so fast."

Tonight, when I asked my girlfriend, "what was the biggest difference between before and now?"

many people will feel that there is a lot of pressure to fall in love like this, because they have been together for a long time, so they have to consider more problems that they do not have to consider originally.

although I can't guarantee that we will never break up, at least at this moment, we hope to go through the next five years together.

then we'll talk about it in five years.

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Let me continue to be angular.

at the same time, I also have a number called "girlfriend angry again"