It's a good thing my university works in Dongguan.

It's a good thing my university works in Dongguan.
Brothers and sisters, we should cherish this school.

but as a writer, I often have an impulse to "write stories that can only happen to Dongguan workers", but they are secretly strangled by me under the pretext of "writing or not being too personal".


@ up master Wu Zheng Zhou Fatty Man

@ up Master Wu Zheng Zhou Fatty Man

I am a Dongguan worker who has been admitted for 13 years. I still remember that I was not excited on the day when I received the admission notice, because the college that admitted me was "College of Arts" and my major was "Chinese language and Literature". After studying hard in the cold window of high school for three years, I at least passed the math class representative of the science class for two years and asked me to go to a major that had nothing to do with mathematics. I couldn't accept it for the time being.

there seems to be a custom spread in the circle of friends around the world: "all text, photos and videos related to change should be praised."

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later, when I went to the Dongguan City Campus of Dongguan Institute of Technology, my first reaction was "it's really lively here", but not because there are so many people, but because it is located in the center of Dongguan city. It may be a 20-minute bike ride from the Wanda Square in Dongcheng, which was later built.

I was not proud at that time, and I was blinded by the prosperity of the city.

similar truancy, similar student activities, similar grades, generally speaking, everyone is pretty good at college.

it's just that I often think of the days when I skipped class with my roommates to eat cotton, and those who ordered a bowl of papaya Simi Lu, a small dragon boat rice, and then chatted with my roommates for an hour, would still sigh, "although it's very uninspiring, I still like that time."

chaos was registered in the freshman semester, but it started when the sophomore went to Songshan Lake Campus to do it seriously.

I remember that I was very unconvinced at that time. Why should my ability to access online resources be determined by my grades?

so when making a lot of policies, Dongguan workers ignore a very key thing, that is, the differences between people. It tries to make all the "good things" for us, like high school, junior high school and primary school, but in the eyes of our students, it is just the self-comfort of the school.

as for schools, can we formulate certain systems from the perspective of students and not blindly think that young people are stupid? Recognize your own position, and if you provide students with bad and better resources, let them fly freely, don't trap them, and trap themselves.

I dared to "scold" the school directly in the article, and said with a good name, "it only makes sense to let more people discuss it together." At that time, this article did not cause much sensation, perhaps because it was written too long, so the final reading remained at more than two thousand.

so I am very glad that I am a worker.

on the other hand, no matter how many times I "discussed" it, no teacher came to me until I graduated.

in addition to the enlightened atmosphere, another advantage of Imperial Institute is that its Songshan Lake campus is really a good place.

the lake is really a good place, with not only mountains, but also lakes. Usually I start from the downstairs of 13 dormitories, first running to the real grass, then around to the tennis court, teachers' village, academic lecture hall, to the main entrance, and then all the way back to the dormitory along the administrative building, the school of economics and management, the library and the teaching building.

at that time, I used to add seasoning to my life. When I ran to the real grass, I would walk into the auditorium of the football field alone and wait for the sunset belonging to Songshan Lake to slowly go down in front of me.

I was not happy in my sophomore and junior year. Although I had determined that writing was my future direction, I was questioned by my boss when I was an intern. At the same time, I also tried to ask myself at the end of the month, "what's the point of watching a movie like this?"

and most coincidentally, the designer of this "Dongguan worker departure bag" is the designer who helped to design the VI in disorder a year ago, and I spoke with him on the "Youth sharing" in Dongguan yesterday.

now, it's time for the brothers and sisters of the class of 18 to take the stage. I hope that those students who have received the "Future Dongguan worker departure package" will not only cherish the "youth seed" containing magnolia in the "departure bag". But also cherish the school of "Dongguan worker".

Note: Magnolia is the flower of Dongguan City

implying "Youth seed, Future Flowers"