It rained when I got a score in the college entrance examination.

It rained when I got a score in the college entrance examination.
Also known as: the cruel truth after checking the score of the college entrance examination.

the manager replied, "what's the matter?"

that's an out-and-out "bad test", and it's also an out-and-out "bad test". Because from entering the third year of high school to the end, I never got a heavy score, and almost every time I hovered on the 2A line. And the result of the college entrance examination just stays at my level: 10 points beyond the 2A score line.

originally, I have made a perfect summer vacation plan for myself: I want to start working out three times a week, I want to go to Shenzhen not far away as a graduation trip, I want to go to McDonald's for a summer job, I want to buy Samsung NOTE2...

inexplicably, suddenly it rains heavily outside.

being awake doesn't change anything.

when I woke up, I opened the door. Seeing my father playing mahjong, he asked me with thick eyelids: "how is it?"

they know my arrogant son so well that if I could get a big college entrance exam, I would have yelled in the room and came out to show off in the living room. It wouldn't be like this, staying in the room without saying a word.

I raised my mouth and passed the results to them: "10 minutes past the 2A line."

I thought to myself, "that's because you don't believe that I can get into a heavy college, so you think I'm a 2A material."

on the contrary, it was my mother's move that surprised me. She put the basin full of watermelons on my hand, then pushed me back to my room and said, "Let bygones be bygones."

I sat on the bed, but unlike that kind of paralysis, I sat very straight, and I began to really think about "what to do next".

that's my best friend and roommate in high school.

I replied: "OK."

and they don't say useless things like "Life is still long" to me, they just comfort me in ways that seem stiff but just right.

is it sad that your life has taken a turn for the worse? They are all eighteen years old, but they can't think about such a long-term thing at all.

and this "long-awaited person" includes "good friends", "relatives", and "oneself".


I asked her, "how did you do in the exam?"

she replied, "not so good."

I waited for five minutes, during which time I sandwiched Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef three times, cold beef twice, and described one or two sentences of my future college life to my good friends.

so I said to myself, "maybe too many people are looking for her," and then I continued to drink and chat with my friends. We just don't ask each other's grades, because we are all worried that our own happiness will become the cause of other people's unhappiness.

I want to send one more message to remind her that she still has a question unanswered, that she has an unfinished conversation, and that there is someone who cares about her.

so she never replied to me again. And the dialogue between us, my love for her, the loss that I have endured for a long time, and the unrealistic desire of "going to the same university" all stayed at the last full stop of that question.

I don't know what he's been through, but I know from his eyes that he feels the same way.

then I touched my glass.

it was two o'clock in the morning when I decided to go home that night.

my face flushed because I had drunk the wine.

maybe it was because the wine emboldened me, and I slumped on the sofa in a "come on" posture.

my father sighed, "where are you going to report next?"

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"it's useless." My father sighed.

then I cried.

my father didn't say anything, but continued to pour me tea.

talked a lot, for a long time.

he got up and took off the boiling kettle, then gently poured it into the teapot, picked up the leaky net used to filter the tea dregs, and filled my teacup again.

so from small to big, I hope your score can be ranked first, because only always the first, you can not help others pour tea.

my tears continue to flow down, but for a different reason.

but there are some more important misunderstandings that may have to be forced to the surface through very extreme situations, and the results of the college entrance examination made a complete reconciliation between me and my father:

I finally accepted the fact that "my father did not despise me".

A few months later, I entered the university in the city because I had no better choice.

he had a wheat in his hand, and his body leaning against the sofa became strong.

then the whole audience roared with laughter.

I want you to be the second kind of people. "

then the whole audience applauded to express our gratitude to the brother.

Life never stops abruptly because of the failure of the college entrance examination.

so if you, like me, have lagged behind, remember

to speed up and keep running.

now, listen to the music.