"it is more important to walk far than to walk fast." this is a sentence that you only understand after being injured.

"it is more important to walk far than to walk fast." this is a sentence that you only understand after being injured.
I hope you know sooner.

but the purpose is simple, and it doesn't mean that the story of that article is simple.

We also asked her about her college entrance examination scores at that time, and she joked, "Don't mention it."

she replied, "well, pretty much".

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she said no, because everyone knows it, and those who don't know should probably graduate and no longer have to face the moment of great need of encouragement "the night before the college entrance examination".

then, about three months later, the writer chose to quit the clutter because his studies were too heavy.

Today, three years later, I suddenly remembered this article, forwarded it to the author himself and asked, "LIMY (her pseudonym at that time), are you still so determined?"

with a smiling expression.

she told me that since I was a senior, I felt that the whole school was filled with an atmosphere of sadness.

because you can't control whether you are elected or not, it is the decision of a certain school or company. However, how I feel in the next year or two will be linked to these "decisions".

LIMY asked me, "will it be all right after graduation?"


A while ago, I went back to my former workplace to catch up with my friends. In addition to talking about their recent situation, it was also mentioned that the entrepreneurial team we set out with at that time were all facing difficulties, big or small.

some are still working hard, the market is shrinking, Party An is difficult to do, peer malicious competition, the team boss stays up until midnight every day, but still can not retain the core team. I heard that he has been very upset recently because he has added in the surpluses of previous years.

of course I don't know, because I know better than anyone else how to deal with disintegration as a boss:

but most readers should have little contact with entrepreneurship-related things. so let's talk about a friend I know.

in less than a year, the company was on the rise, and the salaries of colleagues basically doubled in the same period. But he can't move in a big company, more and more like a screw.

the last time I came out to chat in the middle of the night, I drank a lot of wine and said, "actually, I have no confidence in our future."

I said, "do you want me to give you real advice or comfort you?"

"in fact, it's a good thing that you feel 'uncomfortable' now, because it will let you know how unreasonable your decision-making model really is. For you, three or four thousand a month is less than fifty thousand a year. Your previous team is immature, but there is obvious room for improvement. You're in too much of a hurry, and you don't even think about your career, so you go wherever you have more money. "

I asked him, "where is she now?"


when I lose my girlfriend, I realize that "more than three or four thousand a month" means nothing in "the future of two people".

when I lose the team that fought with me, I realize that the glory and facade were just a thing of the past.

LIMY replied to me after a five-minute interval: "Don't be faster than the people around you, go farther than others."

"Yes, so even if I had heard that three years ago, I would not have believed it."

if only we had known earlier.

good night:)