It is a difficult problem for young people to bet two to pay one.

It is a difficult problem for young people to bet two to pay one.
Have you rented a house?

moreover, after graduation, I have to work in the office building of Pearl River New Town, which is the Flag set up by everyone three years ago.

We sit in front of the keyboard, cross-legged waiting for that day to come, and do not take renting a house as a thing, after all, the company will also provide some housing, how difficult can it be?

unexpectedly, this weekend, everyone's excitement and fantasy came to an abrupt end.

thorns: "it's a little closer to the Pearl River New Town. It's best to walk to the company."

Alai: "I'm under a lot of pressure. I'm looking for a cheaper one. Just keep it clean."

We got off at the subway entrance in Sports West, walked dozens of steps back, and entered an old building, a place 800 meters from the future office.

"this is a real estate from the 1990s. It doesn't look that new, but it's already the youngest neighborhood around here." As he spoke, after the elevator door opened, he pushed back the door that was about to be closed.

"the monthly rent is 3800, and the intermediary fee is 50%. Bet two and pay one." Seeing me standing still, he added skillfully.

when his eyes were dizzy, he squeezed out a sentence from the corner of his mouth: "Let's think about it again." And then flee the intermediary at full speed.

No one dares to ask for anything easily anymore.

in retrospect, the annual dormitory fee of 2000 yuan in the university was too conscientious.

he glanced white, said why I didn't eat minced meat, and then told me, "when I first graduated, I worked in Tianhe and lived in Panyu."

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"I haven't experienced death Line 3 at a glance." He gave a loud cry, took out his cell phone and sent me a picture.

it is also common to limit the flow of stations. In theory, it takes two or three times as long to get there in the end.

I was very impressed there. I used to take my friends to the red brick factory and walk out of the subway entrance, which was desolate.

at that time, it was also my first time to go there. I looked at the already narrow road, with stalls on both sides and voices of various dialects mixed together.

the place where I live vigorously is not the most unbearable, such as the yellowing expansion of the walls and the rust of doors and windows.

he shouted, the hook fell off and the thief was scared away.

after that, Li Li moved the house quickly.

when I first met, I was fine. Everyone pretended to be a superficial brother and a gentleman.

"I don't have so much energy to change places, and it won't necessarily be better. I'll make do with it." Li Li smiled helplessly.

I finally got rid of the bad dormitory relationship in the university, but I still need to find a roommate in a lottery after I got out of the school.

when the wings are not yet full, we have to find someone to protect each other from the wind and rain, even if the other person stinks, we have to put up with it again.

sadly, it is more often a multiple-choice topic.

the couple who sublet the house to us in 1989 told me with a smile that they had lived here for three years and planned to move to a better place.

I can't help thinking that they can live more comfortably when they change places this time, and they don't have to worry about betting on two or one.

We are like vegetable chickens who have just arrived on the world map from the novice village. If we are not careful, we will be killed by Boss we have never seen before.

but we are all confident enough that this is only temporary.

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the design has been completed and is waiting for the arrival of the first sample shirt.

look forward to it.

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