It always rains heavily on the day of achievement.

It always rains heavily on the day of achievement.
You don't know where the road is until you know who you are.

"Medical laboratory, the medical school closer to home."

"Yes, you can go home every week and feel comfortable."

"I wanted to take the visual category of photography."

"after choosing rail transit, my mother and relatives said that the major would have a bright future."

"I can't repeat it, and independent colleges are not affordable for my family, alas."

"it's all right to read 3A, I believe I am also ok."

three boys are sitting in the sugar shop, discussing the choice of volunteering and school. At that time, I was still taking the Guangdong examination, and the registration lines of 2b and 2a had not yet been uniformly classified as ordinary universities.

I am the only exception. I feel that I have never been in the examination room at all: as the monitor of the innovation class, with 57 students, I am the second to last.

but from the beginning of volunteering to college and work, I find that this is not only the word "rebellion" can be summed up.

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I like the content of history, geography and humanities, but the scores at that time do not support more choices.

I chose the direction of the hotel during my internship. I left the hotel industry after graduating from my internship for one year, joined the advertising planning industry as a rookie, and joined a disorganized team after working for about a year.

these seemingly unrelated things, in retrospect, can actually be strung together into one word: uncompromising.

and my own intransigence: the hotel is very stable, but I prefer to be what I am interested in, so I change careers;

this kind of "intransigence", even now can not judge good or bad, at least I have learned to be responsible for my choices.

10 years ago and 10 years later, the first dessert he went to the sugar shop was coconut red bean Simi dew. What he wanted was stability or even no change.

interpersonal stability: hospitals in a small county often come into contact with only a few people who come and go, and occasional gossip is taken as an adjustment to life;

he said frankly: I am not the kind of person with lofty ideals of saving lives, but I will do my job dutifully, this is a sense of responsibility.

I want to study my friend B in photography, film and television, but I finally listen to my parents choose an engineering major: urban Rail Transit Construction .

he began to think about screenplays in high school, studied photography and made microfilms in college, and won awards in school and regional competitions. He has been trying to express something in video language, and even aspires to do related work after graduation.

after graduation, I failed to be admitted to the transportation system. I went to work in the bank for a year and a half. after quitting and returning to my hometown, I changed to tutorial work, activity planning, administrative personnel and other positions, each lasting about three months.

every critical moment, compromises and hesitations in character always have the upper hand.

the choice of choice and examination was not what he wanted. It was his parents' advice. He hesitated: should I let myself decide or listen to my parents' opinions?

entering the bank with my girlfriend is the direction given by my girlfriend. He hesitates: should I do photography or go to the bank?

going back to my hometown is forced by the environment, and there seems to be no better choice. He hesitated: can I still wander in a big city when I am almost 25?

it doesn't matter to compromise, what matters is that when he starts a new attempt, the hesitation in his character will stand up and say, "Brother, this job doesn't seem to be right for you."

not suitable? Then I'll resign.


I don't want to prove that I have a higher education, that's all.

what I really want to ask is:

what kind of life do you want in the future? What is the mode of the life script you want to carry out?

then I encourage you to take action. Schools can consider choosing first-tier cities, where there is first-hand information.

you only see these words online and they are qualitatively different from your personal experience, and there is a great difference in the sense of changing times and information, and opportunities are often hidden in these ever-changing.

living in a county seat, living in a third-and fourth-tier city, living at three o'clock every day, it is really not a shameful thing.

like stability, like leisure, does not mean that you are incompetent, nor does it mean that you are depraved, but that your temper is the way you are.

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they waver, choose desperately, often miss the stable comfort of the past, choose compromise, but complain about the mediocrity of life all the time.

the lack of enterprising happiness erodes confidence in life; the lack of self-sufficient comfort delays the enjoyment of life.

is also swimming. Some people try to keep fit, some people win the beauty in order to beat their opponents, while others just want to try to swim.


so you don't have to force yourself not to eat or sleep in one night and realize "what you want". It's unrealistic and impossible.

and there will be another headache that will haunt you for the rest of your life before you know yourself.

when it comes to college, your ideal state should be:

meet excellent people to love each other and spend college life together;

Don't doubt that what happens is the result of your choice.

find that your major is not even as interesting as you imagined.

you can't have everything even if you become a licking dog.

Don't doubt that what happened is also the result of your choice.

this is the magic of choice: good and bad, sad and sweet, you will bear it all.

with regard to the uncertainty of choice, you should be responsible for your success or failure.


just a few words determine the location of your college and the people and things you see. You think it's just four years, but mistakes have become a big part of your life, affecting the future.

some people miss it, some miss it, and some regret it.

God is fair, such "four years" is no more or less, just one per person.

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