Is there anyone you want to say sorry for?

Is there anyone you want to say sorry for?
Sorry is more useful than thank you when it comes to keeping friends.

even if you don't realize it, you often stand up your friend or take advantage of it before you know it.

sometimes my wallet is tight, and when I go back after dinner, I pretend to go back to sleep and let the group receipts be brushed away by information, inadvertently rubbing another meal.

even in a relationship, I always forget my girlfriend's giving and tolerance.

if you feel uncomfortable, you treat each other as a punching bag.

although everyone expresses their position on social networks and hates such people most, every day goes by with inconsistent thoughts and actions.


after a long time, the story of printing in dormitory 309 spread, and from time to time, classmates and friends of the same class came to say that they wanted to borrow a printer, even though there was a printing shop 200 meters downstairs.

later, roommates began to feel disgusted, so they posted a piece of paper at the door, saying that the printer was broken and would not borrow it in the future.

at that time, I realized that the word "thank you" was useless, and no one would really remember it.

I'm really sorry to bother you so late, but he has an interview to catch up early tomorrow morning, and the copy shop is closed. Now there's something wrong with his resume. Could you print it with me?

I climbed out of bed, turned on the computer, updated his resume, and received a red envelope from him saying, "I'm so sorry to bother you so much."

when he passed the interview the next day, he insisted on pulling me out and invited me to Xinghe City for a buffet.

but this incident made him and I become very good friends after graduation.

because, unlike most people, we all know that "sorry" is much more useful than "thank you".

and will really pay for that "I'm sorry" and pay my heart for it.

the other day I suddenly remembered what was written in Chrysanthemum and Dao.

so even if "something is dropped and picked up by passers-by" something too small, they will panic and say "sorry" (sumimasen) instead of "thank you" (arigatou).

because only by saying "I'm sorry" can you show that you don't take it for granted.

people who hear it will realize that their efforts are valuable.


We are afraid of it, so we selectively forget it and regard the good of others as what we should be, even at the expense of saying, "if you have deep feelings, you shouldn't care too much about it."

because once you really care, you will always find that

you are afraid to worry about it, and the scale in the intimate relationship always shows that you are missing something. You find that you are an asshole most of the time-

but you have to think, you have to let this "sense of guilt" exist.

because we feel sorry only when we feel indebted.

Sorry is to tell them: I didn't take your kindness for granted, and this apology is only the beginning of repayment. It's never too late to do this.

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