Is there anyone you don't have time to thank?

Is there anyone you don't have time to thank?

he didn't look back at me and went on walking away. It seems that you have the wrong person.

but the memories of "Mr. Yang" just poured in.

he is the head teacher of my high school. He refuses to go to school for some time, so he comes to my house every night after self-study.

do not force me, just go to the roof with me for a breeze and chat, full of thoughts about the future.

he wanted to arouse my fighting spirit. I refused to cooperate. My mother, who was too angry to eavesdrop, popped up and asked me to correct my attitude. on the contrary, he kept persuading and letting my mother relax.

later, I went to school and graduated smoothly. I didn't do well in the exam, but it was better than my high school education. When he came back from college the next year to see him again, he had already gone to a distant place to teach, and he never met again.

when he talked about this topic with his colleague Dafu, he smiled and said: there is also such a person who accompanied him to get up from the ground.

in other words, there is an obsession with "integrity", so after the emergence of "regret", the first reaction is to "make up for it".

when I was in college, I met a girl in the school club. she sat in the most corner every time she attended the club class.

her hair is on her shoulders, does not wear makeup, wears black clothes for a long time, and walks with her head bowed and chest covered.

is very similar to my state in high school, the kind of appearance that tells her she is very sad.

at that time, I thought that if Miss Yang met, I would certainly help her.

so I decided to talk to her, first in the classroom, then on the playground, in the milk tea shop.

later, I didn't spend much time at school in my internship, graduation, and my last year of college, and I was cut off from her.

not long ago, when I came back to school because of my diploma, I passed by the playground when I left. There were several classes in PE class. I stopped to have a look, but I didn't expect her to be among them.

she saw me trot over and said she must go to the milk tea shop again and sit and chat.

someone called her in the distance and said she was gathered.

she told me to wait for her, and then ran to her friend, looking cheerful.

for fear of missing the high-speed train, I left first. When I was sitting in the car, I received a QQ from her saying

later, I went to work in Guangzhou.

on the first night in Guangzhou, my mother called by video call and asked me if I had found the house.

at that time, I had just signed a contract with the landlord and sat in my new dusty home, listening to her nagging.

she always disagreed with me coming to Guangzhou, feeling that it was too far away. As a girl, I didn't have any friends here, but she always couldn't beat me, so she had to scold me while stuffing some warm clothes into the suitcase.

in the video, she is still swearing, but the signal on her cell phone is not very good. I have to say a word several times before I can hear her clearly, but she has to repeat it over and over again, and she begins to get impatient.

she posted all her anger on her mobile phone, said, "I can't see or hear this stupid phone," and finally hung up the video angrily.

she seems to be all the time, giving me nothing nice in her mouth, but always thinking about me in her heart.

those who pass by briefly will be remembered for "regret". But others, because they are always there, are more difficult to notice and express their gratitude.

so I placed an order that day to buy a Huawei Mate30 Pro phone just like me.

because the EMUI10 on this phone has the latest open connection video call function , not only the signal transmission is more stable , but I can also use the Huawei smart screen TV at home to make a video call with her.

Inspire and be delightfully charming when in our short black bridesmaid dresses. Buy the dress you always dreamed of now.

but, even if I am no longer comfortable, I still want to let her know that, in fact, I am grateful that she has not given up on me.


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