"is there any extra dedication?"

"is there any extra dedication?"
the most favorable auspices

there have been a lot of lying-in parties at this time in previous years. This year, there are many friends working, and everyone is in a hurry. Several are still in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and several others have just returned.

the previous generation attached great importance to the Spring Festival and often said some words that were difficult for me to understand.

she also smiled and said, "at least you rob dedication or something. Isn't that what you young people do now?"

I didn't expect my mother to know about dedication, let alone that she would associate it with the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

putting together the photos of Wufu may be the most interesting moments of our generation recently.

for three years, Alipay's method of collecting five blessings has been used for three years.

but the five blessings of 16 years, that is, the first batch, are short of two.

an old friend who is not in touch on weekdays may suddenly say, "are you there?" May I ask if there is any dedication to work, and then have a few small talk. So much so that when I talked to others later, I joked at first, "Yes, but there is no dedication to work."

Taobao has also spawned a number of shops selling professional blessings. It is said that at that time, a dedicated blessing seemed to be able to reach more than 300.

and the first batch of dedication left people with great obsession.


but oddly enough, people's enthusiasm for the five blessings is always high.

this reminds me of some strange behaviors of the elders during the Spring Festival.

in these processes, people will not consider how many substantive things they can get in the end, but basically take a formality and think about it.

I began to think:

and only that generation can feel the fun.

I often hear such a saying to the effect that our generation of adults no longer like the Spring Festival. They even associate the Spring Festival with negative events such as blaming relatives and urging marriage, and then go on to talk about traditions, education, and so on.

Spring Festival can provide holidays and reunions, and no one doesn't love both.

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for example, we also have our own activities to welcome the Spring Festival, but we may not set off firecrackers, but gather five blessings.

for example, there are times when we are superstitious during the Spring Festival, but not through worship to our ancestors, but by retweeting, "2018 is nicer to me."

since everyone will change, so will the way of celebrating the New year.

but this year, good luck will be followed by "eat chicken tonight".

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