Is it a good thing to be more mature than your boyfriend?

Is it a good thing to be more mature than your boyfriend?
I don't know.

after listening to her say these words, sitting next to her, I suddenly thought:

it turns out that when our partner is several years older than ourselves, we will inevitably be forced to accelerate our growth.

therefore, we will lose some of the impulses and trial and error opportunities of our peers.

has also endured a lot in silence, which is not the pressure and heavy burden that I should bear at this stage.

but before he comes, he asks thoughtfully, "do you need to bring some snacks and drinks?"

of course, I also know that it is not easy for him, and I do not want to put a lot of pressure on him, but there are many similar things, so I will inevitably feel a little helpless.

so I can only ask you to grow up quickly and give me the confidence that we can go on with each other.

solve all the problems you face, take on every choice you make, don't collapse easily, don't give up, learn patience and restraint, learn tolerance and magnanimity, and most importantly, let others see the future.

can't he be emotional, be weak in front of me, and do silly but lovely things?

"what are you doing outside?"

"I'm a little worried about you so late."

I giggled: "are you so easy to coax?"

it was only at that moment that I realized that he was still angry, but that he would not argue with me for fear that I would be sad.

but I'm not sleepy yet. Instead, I keep thinking about the girl I mentioned at the beginning, so I sent her a message.

I didn't understand whether it was a good thing to be more mature than the other half, or whether the other half was more mature than myself.

but if you can really "handle" your maturity, then your partner is lucky.

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