"in the team building of the company, whoever does not come will speak ill of others."

"in the team building of the company, whoever does not come will speak ill of others."
The truth about the workplace that I learned later.

also thought that when he got rid of his student status, he would be able to play a big role in the company. Only when he was really at this time did he realize that fatigue is certain, but dignity is difficult to have.

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there are no fair-weather friends, only wine and meat.

I finally finished my day's work, and my liver ached vaguely at the thought of having dinner in the evening.

even if it is a private gathering among colleagues, they dare not go. After all, the workplace has always been adhering to the style of "speaking ill of whoever is not there". If he does not show up several times in a row, he will soon find himself marginalized.

was in distress when my mother sent a message with only a few words on it: "drink less wine."

suddenly feel a little sad. In the past, her message was always "go home early" .

I still remember drinking for the first time many years ago, and when I clinked glasses with my father, he seemed to inadvertently say, "you don't have to drink, but you still have to know how to drink."

I don't know whether he is far-sighted or successful.

later, I tried to secretly pick my throat in the bathroom, and I also experienced squatting on the side of the road until dawn, and finally learned to gently touch my lips with my glass and pretend to blink and say a few half-drunk nonsense.

share an internship episode.

I had an appointment with my friend for dinner after work a few days ago, and it happened that a colleague forgot to order a meal and beg in the group, so I gave her my dinner.

unexpectedly, she frowned and looked disgusted: "but I hate to eat this."

then reluctantly took it.

my friend heard this and said angrily, "if it were me, when she said that, I would take the food back viciously."

Don't be emotional and be a quiet adult.

moments is like a trash can, and you often see all kinds of complaints on it.

A few words of complaint made by the family when they get up late, the boss who is picky all day, the stranger who bumped into his shirt on the subway, the Taobao seller who does not give discounts and free delivery, all the people and things that make him unhappy can be brought out and hung up.

over time, complaints are transferred from online to offline, from untargeted moments to individuals around them, wanting to complain to everyone and turn themselves into a collection of negative energy that everyone wants to walk around.

it's not necessary to pretend to be an optimist to make everyone like you, but there is a reasonable saying that "emotionality is the biggest stumbling block for girls in the workplace."

I don't want you to be scolded by this sentence when you dialed your boyfriend on the phone for the 74th time, as I did.

"if you want everyone to care about your emotions, you are doomed to be a mediocre or useless housewife with a salary of two or three thousand a month."

"but I know you're not. You have to get through it by yourself and be strong."

I got it. "I see."

"I'll give you all the credit, all right."

in fact, they have been psychologically prepared, not to mention that the workplace is the high incidence area for grabbing merit, and primary school class cadres have learned to take credit early.

some people throw me the most trivial and time-consuming jobs.

some people say again and again that you can't and don't tell you where to go.

when they just graduate, they always rush to apply for jobs, send out resumes everywhere, and time is tight, coupled with the fact that the graduates themselves do not have any experience and do not have the opportunity to choose a company that suits them, or even qualified to choose a company. It's lucky to get offer.

the bet goes well; if you are unlucky, you will suffer a lot of disasters.

so I began to be infatuated with "lead the shore", which is a free real-time sand table strategic mobile game produced by NetEase. In the game, you can personally as the master, recruit favorite counselors and generals, and through your choice, quietly develop internal affairs, raise troops and build up strength, you can also attack the city, compete for resources, or form alliances with other players.

in the game, everyone can do what they want and be who they really are. Maybe you are a careerist, you have the ambition to unify the world, maybe you are a counselor who wants to retreat in troubled times, as long as there is a certain bright point, this troubled times belongs to you, you can show your talents in the game.

when I suddenly think of the period when I haven't graduated from college, I always think that the identity of the student is in the way, and I am eager to quickly become an imagined free and unrestrained social person.

however, they do not realize that a school that thinks it is a cage is a sheltered island that protects itself well.

this is a process and a gap that everyone has to bear: the scenery outside the island is not quite the same as the legendary imagination.Sample.

it's just that these things are really a little difficult for us to accept now, and it will become a kind of worry.

because I always don't want to believe that after stepping out of the school gate, it will always be dark.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life

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