In order to leave my parents, I went to the police station to change my name.

In order to leave my parents, I went to the police station to change my name.
What's your name?

for a long time, I thought it was a minority feeling, until one day when I went to a friend party and talked about the topic of "have you ever thought about changing your name", the discussion suddenly became lively.

there are some because his name is really not very elegant, for example, his surname is Yang, but his first name is Wei.

and the reason I put it on the table is, "because my name is so neutral that many people think I am a girl."

I wanted to change my name just because I wanted to sever my connection with my parents.


such as appearance, family circumstances, and their expectations and arrangements for me.

maybe it is a common problem in Chinese families. From childhood to childhood, my parents have a strong desire for possession of me. Almost every time it is related to the choice of the direction of my life, they want to make a decision for me.

but every time we stand in the opposite position, so disputes become commonplace.

"I gave you your name, so why don't you listen to me?"

so I thought of changing my name for the first time.

at that time, some friends advised me that names were chosen by my parents on the day they were born.

since we can't change a lot of things, why not accept it?

this may sound reasonable, but unfortunately, there are some things that you don't like or don't like, and it doesn't make much sense to hypnotize yourself to compromise.

"I gave you your name, so why don't you listen to me?"

that night, I looked at the name on the admission notice, and the more I looked at it, the more disagreeable it became. Early the next morning, I put the change of my name into action.

it's just that, after finally breaking away from the code name that has been used for more than a decade, I am not as happy as I imagined.

because life is the same as before, the only change is the spell of winning the quarrel.

becomes "you eat my food, use the money I give you, no matter what your name is, you should listen to me."

it suddenly dawned on me that a lot of things cannot be solved by changing a name.


but when you think about it, it's a sophomore.

in the end, my friends and I opened a clearing bar next to the school, gradually had some stable income, and no longer asked my parents for living expenses.

finally, they can no longer interfere with any of my decisions with any material kidnapping.

No one knows my previous name, and no one will tell me what to do.

for several years, all I have given my parents about my life is the intermittent right to know on the phone. I have almost forgotten the last time I went home.

I shook my head and laughed.

originally this kind of freedom is really a very lonely thing.

he seems to be much older, and there are more muddy parts in his eyes, which is a little out of line with the stubborn and paranoid middle-aged man in his memory.

"Tan Min is back. Hurry up and cook."

years of dislike of the real name finally disappeared in real adulthood.

I finally realized that a connection like this should never be cut off.

two years ago, I went to the police station to change my original name back to my original name, and later, my pseudonym, as well as various social networking sites nicknames, are using the original name.

I finally understand that everyone's bond with his parents does not depend solely on his last name and the name they have chosen for you.

perhaps in this world, all feelings are for more "get together", only the relationship with parents, from the beginning, is doomed to the final "leave".

the day you've been looking forward to will come;

it's just that this freedom for a long time will make people regret- regret the paranoia and the haste to leave.

but at least at some point, I'd like to say, "Dad, you actually have a point."

and I have come to understand that the relationship between parents and children, in addition to "bondage" and "freedom", should also have a more appropriate mode of getting along.

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