In four days, we will be out of date.

In four days, we will be out of date.
But that doesn't mean the year is meaningless.

every time I go to the supermarket, I stare at the production date on the box. When I see the word "2008-2-26", I think it's very fresh. I bought it with sense of security.

in a twinkling of an eye, 2008 can no longer represent quality and freshness.

I turned around and asked my girlfriend, "do you think everything is out of date in this world?"

I also know why she didn't say it, because the subtext of that question is: will my relationship with her expire one day?

especially after the recent frequent bickering, she is not in the mood to cheer me up with a nice answer.

I hope that everything I insist on now will make sense in the end.

it seems that at the end of each year, we have a lot of new hopes for the next year.

in fact, the emergence of this new hope comes from the failure of the old hope in previous years.

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as we all know, the most untenable thing about long-distance relationships is that you can never be there in time when the other person needs you.

"I don't want a boyfriend who doesn't see me for ten and a half days and months, but only on the phone and Wechat."

A resignation report, a high-speed rail ticket, a suitcase, I chose to make a clean break with my distant days.

in fact, in the month I just came to Guangzhou, I had a very happy day. I went to work with her, picked her up from work, and decorated the newly rented room together. The biggest trouble every day was that I didn't know which new movie to watch in the evening.

No one is born to be with another person, different living habits and different ways of doing things. During the long running-in period, we quarreled many times, and she even said such words at the worst of times.

when I heard this sentence at that time, I was very frustrated because she denied me for a whole year with a short sentence.

recall all the choices I made in the past year, choosing to come to her city, to find a new job, and to choose a busier life.

since I came to Guangzhou, my life together has not been sweeter, my monthly income has not become higher, and my life has not become better as a result.

until my phone screen lit up in my pocket and took it out, it was her text message, which was still very short, only seven words.

after reading this message, I put my phone back in my pocket, stood up and walked home.

I went home because I knew why she pretended to be scared to sleep alone.

at least a year ago, she never pretended to be afraid.


looking back on the tail of the year, it seems that no matter what choices we made during the year, at this stage, you will feel that the choices made at that time are meaningless.

just like at Christmas, cheap and I decided to make a cartoon about Santa Claus all night.

but we did it just because we thought it was interesting to do such a theme.

maybe it's a little roundabout to say that, but I still want to tell you the difference between the two : meaning is purpose, meaning is process.

because only after you have done it will you have a chance to find its meaning.

author /Tan Min

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