In fact, there are class differences between friends.

In fact, there are class differences between friends.
So what.

although this is difficult to detect and does not want to be recognized, this is the case.

when I get to college, people who are used to going to restaurants can hardly stay with their friends who eat in the canteen every day.

No matter how fast it is to cultivate a relationship with a roommate, the one who should play together in the end will be pulled together by that invisible rope.

like love, friendship is often not as perfect as people think.

it is indeed a little awkward for friends with different living standards to get along.

often go to the dinner table, roommate A Liu waved his hand, saying that I am not hungry, nor can I drink, just have a stir-fried powder.

after eating, a person hurried back to the dormitory and handed out a 15-yuan red packet in the group.

to be honest, no one cares about such a little thing.

but over time, every time we talk about eating midnight snacks, we always don't know if we should call Ah Liu.

gradually, when we went out for dinner, it became something for the other five people to communicate in private.

to tell you the truth, no one has ever thought of crowding out Ah Liu, and most of the time, knowing that he is short of money, he is willing to invite him to dinner.

it seems that the more he wants to seize the relationship, the more he regards these little things as important and wants to fill them.

the more obvious the small difference is pulled, and the faster he escapes.

things like this are shown in different places every day.

ask her to join us. She'll think it's too expensive, so she might as well eat in the canteen.

so much so that now you even have to sneak around for a meal.

in her eyes, the concept of "going out to play" should at least go to the sports west and stroll around Zhengjia or something.

the longer you spend with each other, the more awkward moments you have.

I have heard of the story of lending three thousand yuan in one breath in order to promise to travel with friends and then open the loan to borrow money.

whether it is richer or more cash-strapped, as long as which side makes a compromise, there is bound to be a bitter feeling, even if it is not spoken out at that time.

finally, leave an "inappropriate" conclusion as the end of the relationship.

may be cruel, but it's true

, but it's a pity that people always go too far.

unwilling to admit that people who grow up in the same environment will always have more and more similar common topics, living habits, it is a very normal thing to come together.

so hold on, compromise, hold on, compromise.

people are so unsmart.

the word "friend" actually consists of many parts.

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it's good to have fun together and go far away together.

but can't be playmates, so what?

I am the person who will appear immediately after you make a phone call.

is the person who can give you a hand with all his strength in some things.

the so-called difference, but that is, you like to drink casserole, I am used to drinking plain boiled water, that's all.

good night.

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